Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meet and Greet for 50B

Only time for a quick post - just got back from a meet and greet dinner for 50B Republicans over at Lakeside. We had a good turnout and I had a chance to speak at length with the candidates for the endorsement. We have three sharp individuals vying for the opportunity to knock off Kate Knuth. I learned a lot tonight and I am looking forward to the actual BPOU convention on Saturday morning (9 a.m. at Christ the King in New Brighton). No matter who emerges from the process, Knuth will have a battle on her hands. I also had a chance to meet Right Hook of Boots On and AAA from Residual Forces. I strongly commend both of these blogs to your attention.

I'll have much more to report on all this over the weekend following the BPOU. We have hard work ahead but there is legitimate reason for optimism.


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