Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Lots going on today and not enough time to talk about all of it. So it's time for a few bullets:

  • Fidel Castro has finally decided to make official what's been long suspected; he's no longer running the show in Cuba. While it's quite likely that, at least in the short term, Castro's brother Raul will continue to run Cuba with the same tender mercies that his brother has displayed for the past 49 years, change will be coming to Cuba. The transition to a better Cuba will be a very long slog, but it will happen now. Once Raul is gone, things will be up for grabs. My friend Strolling Amok celebrates the news by bashing President Bush. Well, at least he's consistent.

  • It's becoming clear that Barack Obama has used rhetorical flourishes in some of his speeches that are remarkably similar to words spoken by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick in his 2006 campaign. Patrick said this and then Obama said this. Yesterday the Clinton oppo people put out another example where Patrick said something that Obama later mirrored. It turns out that both Patrick and Obama both have used David Axelrod as a campaign advisor. Looks like Axelrod was able to sell both of them the same campaign. While I don't think that the Clinton camp is correct in calling this plagiarism, it does tell us something about Obama that we didn't necessarily know before -- a lot of his moral uplift seems to be off the rack. And I'm guessing that Joe Biden is wondering where he can get a refund on his 1988 campaign (HT: The Politico and Instapundit).

  • An additional irony in all this -- Deval Patrick was a very loyal Clintonista, working under Janet Reno at Justice. Apparently that doesn't matter much now, a recurring theme for the Clinton campaign.


Dorky Dad said...

There's a rumor that Fidel resigned because he signed a minor-league deal with the Twins and is getting ready to go to camp.

But I might be wrong.

Strolling Amok said...

The "plagiarism" claim is extremely lame. Patrick gave Obama permission to use the lines without attribution per the NYT article on the "scandal". Hillary's gonna need to do better than that. But I'm sure she appreciates your help with her campaign.

Mark said...

Actually, DD, I think you're right. Fidel wouldn't be any worse than Sidney Ponson was. And he's in better shape.

From what I can tell, Hillary's campaign is beyond help anyway. And I highly doubt that there's a huge nest of undecided Ohio voters who are going to read this feature, look at the content and suddenly decide that they must not join the Obama Crusade and vote for Hillary. All I was doing is pointing out something that should be obvious to a smart guy like you – Obama is a politician and a derivative one at that.

Gino said...

yes, but it is sooo sweet to see the clinton regime collapsing, the rats jumping ship, and the dogs turning on their masters.

nixon had better loyalty among his men.
but then, nixon actually felt a sense of loyalty toward his men.
with the clintons, loyalty has always been a one way street.

Mark said...

Yep Gino, it's fun. Almost as fun as watching Obama backers explode every time you say anything even slightly disrespectful about the Man Who Is Hope.

Gino said...

what will the O people say when the 'gay sex and drugs' story comes out?

Mark said...

I guess we'll find out, Gino. The Ohio primary is about 12 days out now and if the polling starts looking ugly for Mrs. C, something might just hit.