Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slowly back away from the Zeitgeist

Meanwhile, there is reality out there to discuss.

Obama wins the "Potomac Primary." There are lots of reasons for what is happening over on the port side these days, but the key is this: fear of the Clintons is receding. Most people understand that the Clintons ruled and prevailed during the 1990s primarily by using fear and intimidation on their political opponents. Just about every political enemy the Clintons encountered back in the day was turned into a flaming puddle of goo: Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr, Kathleen Willey. The only person who really beat Bill was Paula Jones. Barack Obama is not afraid of the Clintons and they can't do anything about him. The appointment of old Clinton hand Maggie Williams to run Mrs. Clinton's campaign is a sign that the long knives are coming out; my sense is that they waited too long, though. Obama will win my beloved Wisconsin next week and if things start to turn in Ohio, you can probably stick a fork in Hillary.

McCain stops Huckabee. Huckabee has stayed in for two reasons: a potential vice-presidential nod and/or name recognition for 2012. My guess is that he'll garner neither. McCain has far better choices for the Veep slot than Huckabee and by 2012, you'll see a new crop of attractive Republican candidates. The two to keep an eye on: Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Twins sign Livan Hernandez. He's probably about the equivalent of Carlos Silva, but he'll be $40 million cheaper than Silva. He's more likely 37 than his reported age of 33, but we'll leave that aside. Based on ability and track record, he's a much better rent-a-pitcher than either Sidney Ponson or Ramon Ortiz, the two stiffs that Terry Ryan brought in last year. Best of all, pitchers and catchers report in just a few days! Now there's a reality to celebrate.


Daria said...

In addition to the fear of ending up as a flaming puddle of goo (interesting imagery, given the incident at Waco), opponents of the Clintons always have to consider the possibility of trumped up criminal prosecution ala Billy Dale or, if they really step out of line, a trip to scenic Fort Marcy Park. ;)

- D

Gino said...

too many of the clintons one-time partners ended up dead.
did paula jones win?
kinda, but then had to face a barrage of IRS audits, her husband lost his job, and getting wholly smeared in the media eager to defend Bill by helping him tear down his enemies.
and monica's last name is now synonomous with blow jobs. can her family members ever sign their name with pride?

yeah, everybody, even their friends feared them. it appears afterward they are eager to realize he cant hurt them anymore.

but i still worry about the fate of Obama Man.
he's gonna have a tragic accident.
maybe before the general election so hillary can claim the nomination for herself.

if he survives, and loses the nomination as well, he can look foward to a life of IRS audits and lots of misery because the mob will be back in control of the levers.

Mark said...

No doubt about it, Daria, there were many, many people who suffered the wrath of the Clintons. Billy Dale is one of the most egregious examples; his only mistake was being in the way. It wasn't enough that the Clintons wanted to replace him; clearly, that was their prerogative. They surely didn't need to besmirch him and send the hounds of hell after him. At the time, it sure seemed like they did it for sport as much as anything else.


I see your point. At least Paula Jones got a nice check out the Chubb Insurance company. That's something. Ms. Lewinsky has kept her own counsel about all this (wisely, I think) but I'm sure she's old enough now that she realizes what the truth is.

As for the threat to Obama, who knows? I'm guessing he's physically safe, but he would be very wise to watch his back.

Anonymous said...

Obama should eat something one of these days. He has less meat on himself than Twiggy. Classic stoner body!

As for another obnoxious thing, he's the exact of opposite of Ricky Bobby. He always seems to know what to do with his hands. I'm getting sick of his "sincere" oratories with the constant similar sympathetic hand gestures. It's almost robotic.

These observations have nothing to dp with politics, but I honestly don't think I can watch that for 4, 8 or more years. The thought of seeing it consisently for the next several months is enough to turn my stomach. Unlike me personally, I'll bet the editorial cartoonists and Saturday Night Life folks are licking their chops!