Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aesops on the Portside

How bizarre. There sure seems to be a lot of, ahem, embellishment going on when it comes to the ever-evolving biographies of the Democratic presidential hopefuls. In the past week we've been treated to Sen. Clinton's claim that she was dodging bullets in Bosnia, which appears to have been, well, overstated a bit. But that's pretty much standard stuff for Mrs. Clinton, who once claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, conquerer of Everest. The problem was that when Sen. Clinton was born in 1947, Edmund Hillary was an obscure civil servant in New Zealand. There were a lot of babies being born in those days of course and to find a unique name a parent would have needed to use some ingenuity, but selecting the surname of Kiwi civil servants was not a likely naming strategy.

Thank goodness Sen. Obama would never do anything like that, right? Well, maybe he would. Obama said that he owes "his very existence" to the generosity of the Kennedy family, which helped to fund a scholarship for his father to come to America, where he met his mother. Great story. Too bad it's not true. Turns out that Obama's father came over to the United States in 1959, while the Kennedy family wasn't even approached about financing the program until 1960.

Here's what I don't get. You'd think that people who are as obviously intelligent as Sens. Clinton and Obama would understand that every word they utter will be fact-checked. These cute little fables don't help them in any real way, and when they are inevitably discovered to be, well, crap, the fables erode their credibility. Considering how often we've been reminded over the years about President Bush's supposed stupidity and mendacity from our portside friends, you'd think that these geniuses </Sid Hartman> would know better than to make claims that are so easily proven false. Man, if a slack-jawed, drooling, moronic Republican like me can figure it out, you'd think these two Wile E. Coyotes would.
UPDATE: Turns out maybe we were too harsh on Sen. Clinton. Check out this new video.

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Right Hook said...

Wow! Not only does the video completely exhonerate Hillary it also shows how calm she can be (literally) under fire!

Hillary's only mistake was not sending the video to See-BS news before she got herself in too deep. Such obviously excupatory evidence would never be missed by Dan Rather who could use the opportunity to make a comeback.

On the negative side, Mrs. Clinton may have hurt herself with Brady Bunch crowd the with the way she pulled and employed that heater. Does she have a concealed carry permit?