Monday, March 24, 2008

Rebel Rebel, Your Face Is a Mess

Mass at my church was a little more uneventful than what happened at the Holy Name Cathedral auditorium in Chicago on Easter Sunday, where some unkempt moral exhibitionists who refer to themselves as "Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War" decided to stage a little street theater. They interrupted Cardinal George's homily by squirting fake blood on themselves and a few parishioners before they were arrested and led away. Word is they are being charged with felonies for their little morality play and my guess is that they aren't going to garner a lot of sympathy for their little stunt in the heavily Catholic Windy City. Oddly, none of these folks looked like any Catholic schoolgirls I ever knew. Generally speaking, most Catholic schoolgirls don't wear scraggly beards and in my experience the vast majority are likely to wash their hair on a regular basis. Also, actual Catholic schoolgirls tend to be female and only half of this troupe were, as far as I could tell. And none of them were wearing plaid jumpers, either. I suspect they are a little confused; perhaps they need to talk things over with this guy.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, they had a protest last week and some of the protestors offered the helpful suggestion pictured below.

Apparently these anarchists aren't especially fond of traditional military discipline, although they have no trouble issuing orders. And based on the way some of these bien pensants have chosen to cover their faces, they clearly have the courage of their convictions. They also seem to be sharing beauty tips with their fellow buskers from Chicago.
I don't know about you, but I sure find people like these folks tiresome. I'm sure that some of these folks or other like-minded individuals will be coming to St. Paul later this year to share similar hijinks as well as their own heartfelt commitment to solipsism. Of course, there's a long history of that sort of thing, as we were reminded this week during the on-again, off-again release of Highland Park doyenne Sara Jane Olson, a/k/a Kathleen Soliah, who gladly threw away the blandishments of revolutionary struggle once she had a chance to marry well.
I'm thinking we haven't heard from Mumia in a while. Maybe he'll pop up again soon.


Gino said...

no kneelers in that church?
my Lord, what is the faith coming to...

Mark said...

The cathedral is being renovated so they are holding Mass in the auditorium. That's why.

Gino said...

ever wonder why these groups always single out a catholic church?
what, are they afraid of the baptists or something?

Mark said...

No, Gino, I don't wonder why. The answer to that is easy - the Church stands in the way of many things the Left holds dear.

Gino said...

not necessarily,mark.

every issue with these guys, you will find the southern baptist/fundimentalist are more their enemy than we are.

we at least oppose capital punishment, and wars generally.

i think its the same reason PETA throws paint on ladies wearing fur, and avoids bikers in leather.

a baptist service is not a solemn event, but a pep rally. you run into there profaning Jesus and you are more likely to get an asswhipping from all them redneck NRA-types.
a Mass is solemn. we seek graces there. repent our evils.
not jump up and down and cheer for Jesus and pat ourselves on the back for being 'saved'.

thats why, i think.

Anonymous said...

The reason is clear. For whatever reason the one form of bigotry and prejudice that is widely accepted is against Catholics. From the overt presence of thugs in the church to the subtle snide comments about the number of children in a family to it being completely acceptable to bash all priests regarding molestation, it's all fair game to many Non Catholic. Anti Catholic bigotry is alive and well, and Catholics are expected to take it.

Anonymous said...

anti-anything bigotry is alive and well on all sides.

anarchists? do you know the history behind the movement? i'll admit most protestors don't either and it's been usurped by the mainstream to be violent. shame.