Saturday, March 29, 2008

We get results

I've often compared blogging to dropping a penny in a deep well and listening for the splash. Sometimes you hear it. Yesterday was one of those days.

I wrote Thursday's post primarily to chide Senator Coleman's campaign. I mentioned that Sen. Coleman hadn't been able to get the attention of the more prominent Minnesota bloggers, naming a few of them. It wasn't my intent to chide these bloggers at all for not covering Coleman's campaign announcement. I hadn't covered the event either.

But a funny thing happened. I cross-posted the article on True North and suddenly responses began appearing. AAA, Jeff Kouba at TvM, Mitch Berg and Chief from Freedom Dogs all wrote thoughtful responses to my piece. If you haven't already read these pieces, please give them a look as they all have interesting things to say about the upcoming campaign and the coverage to date.

As Mitch rightly points out, we aren't in this for the money. There's no right-wing equivalent of George Soros providing largesse for most of the bloggers I know. I don't even have Google ads on my site, although it might make sense to include some one day. We blog because we want to add our voices to the ongoing discussion and because we learn from each other. Every time I visit Ben, Dan, Lee, Gino, Leo, RH and Daria, Stinger and LL, I learn something. That's the reason we blog - because we get results.


Gino said...

may i ditto that.
i really tried,at first, to cast a wide net: i had fundies and agnostics, lefties and righties, wholesome christians and homos.

i really wanted that diversity of visions. it didnt work out in the end. seems birds of a feather prefer to flock together.

now, i just like the comraderie and playtime that involves good people talking to each other.
sometimes we agree. sometimes we dont. its the comraderie thats important.
but i cant help but to put up the occasional posting designed to bring a rebuke of some sort. it is through opening myself up to rebuking that i learn and expand my horizons. ( i think you seen some of this already)

Uncle Ben said...

"i just like the comraderie and playtime that involves good people talking to each other."

That hits the nail on the head for me. When I have more time and intellectual energy I like to talk about ideas and faith, but in the middle of a semester it's the camaraderie that brightens my day.