Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's not pretty, this nomination process for president. It's plenty enlightening, though.

I was away for a couple of days and look at all the fun we're having. We have the sainted former president being accused of McCarthyism. And we have this report linking the passport file peeking back to a guy who advises the Obama campaign. And we get high drama when Bill Richardson, who most people assumed would be a loyal Clintonite given his long history with them, endorsing Obama, prompting the ever-excitable James Carville to compare Richardson to Judas Iscariot. I guess he'd already used the trailer park line about Paula Jones.

Meanwhile, Hillary gets some love from The Nation for her claim that she's always opposed NAFTA. This, of course, after Obama goes through a fun little minuet about his anti-NAFTA credentials.

And all of this after the weeklong contretemps over the Right Reverend Wright and his kind thoughts about many of his fellow countrymen and the speech that was either bullcrap or brilliant, depending on how you view the world. Meanwhile, we learn that the church bulletin had a nice endorsement of Hamas.

Bottom line -- what the Clinton and Obama campaigns are doing to each other is more than just scorched earth. They are razing the villages, pouring salt on the land and adding toxic ooze dredged from the bottom of the Fox River.
Pretty amazing....


Gino said...

while mc cain totally disses the ron paul supporters...
and poo poo's the thought that limited govt was ever a GOP idea.

Right Hook said...

I'm all broken up...

Let them fight. The more damage they do to each other and the more of their campaign war chests that get spent the better.

I don't believe McCain has the political stomach for what will need to be done in a campaign against either of Mrs. Clinton or Obama. Might as well let the world class Clinton slime machine do it for him on Obama, who is quickly proving that he is no slouch himself at slinging mud (or worse).

The possible downside of all of this, as is still predicted by talk host Bob Davis (AM-1500 KSTP), is that opens the door for Algore to ride in on his low carbon foot print white horse and capture the nomination.

Given McCain's green rhetoric, Captain Planet may be a tougher opponenet for McCain to run a strong campaign against than either Mrs. Clinton or Obama.

Mark said...

Hate to tell ya Gino, but McCain can do the math and there aren't enough Ron Paul supporters to matter to him. As for his poo-pooing the idea that limited government was ever a GOP idea, I agree that's a problem. It's pretty clear that the GOP president McCain has in mind is TR, who was a very different sort of Republican than I am.

RH, I've been thinking about Gore too. I certainly wouldn't rule that suggestion out, especially if things continue to get nastier and nastier. As I suspect they will.

Strolling Amok said...

Nope, no way on the Al Gore thing. He's a rock star over on my side of the aisle - and with the collapse of the Clinton's reputations he is now the de facto leader of the party. Why in the world would he want to be president? It would be like quitting the Rolling Stones to become the head of Bear Stearns.

Mark said...


So what you're telling us is that being President is the same as being the head of a now-defunct brokerage? If that's true, why on earth would anyone want to run?

Also, Charlie Watts doesn't get to pick Supreme Court justices. Other than those issues, and countless more that I won't insult you with by listing them, great comparison, SA. Spot on.