Saturday, March 14, 2009

50B Recap

We had the House District 50B Republican BPOU convention this morning at Christ the King Lutheran Church in New Brighton. 35 total delegates came to the event and we have now established our leadership team for the next two years.

The new BPOU chair is Nick Quade, an energetic and enthusiastic young conservative who currently serves with the Ramsey County Conservation District. Nick is an extremely bright and principled fellow and he understands well the challenges that are ahead of him. The rest of the board is a mixture of veterans and newcomers, including Deputy Chair Tim Kocon, Secretary Michelle Quade and the invaluable Bev Aplikowski, who returns for another stint as treasurer. The 8 vice chairs include outgoing BPOU Chair Gerry Tietz, Gina Bauman, Doug Blomberg, April King, Glenn Kluthe, Garry Lysiak, James Sculthorp and Lion Templin. Gina currently serves on the New Brighton City Council and Doug and James have been longtime stalwarts in the BPOU.

It's a good leadership group with a mix of veterans and enthusiastic newcomers. I would expect the message that 50B Republicans deliver to our fellow citizens will be one of principled, well-thought out conservatism. That is what is required and this feature will do its part to ensure that the message gets out there. While recent election cycles have been difficult for Republicans, we are in a position to hold our opponents accountable for their performance. The challenge ahead is to identify and prepare candidates who can take our message to our fellow citizens and to strengthen the organization that these candidates will need to help them deliver the message. That work begins now.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hold our enthusiasm over Nick Quade. In addition to being a Ron Paul guy, as late as January 2008 the guy was posting comments on the internet that placed him squarely in the 9/11 Truther camp.

"If anyone can tell me why the government didnt even mention WTC Tower 7 in the 9-11 Commission report and then tell me there wasn't a cover-up then I will forever end my opinion that 9-11 wasn't strictly Bin Laden. Tower 7 fell in the afternoon and was nowhere near the Twin Towers. Someone explain that."

Nicholas Quade, New Brighton MN (Sent Monday, January 07, 2008 4:36 PM)

Mark Heuring said...

Your comment falls under the "interesting if true" category, anonymous. I am going to let this comment stand for now, but I'd feel a lot better about it if you would actually tell me who you are. I am also going to give Nick a chance to respond.

Anonymous said...


"Interesting if true"? Follow the link, my friend. Or just Google:

"Bill to Paul Supporters: You're Nuts".

Here's the actual link:

Mark Heuring said...

I read the link, anonymous. My problem with what you're posting is that you are hiding your identity. I also don't know what Nick believes today. Once Nick responds, we'll take another look at this.