Friday, March 13, 2009

Never seen together in the same room

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Eraserhead.

Cheap, easy and satisfying!


Night Writer said...

Eraserhead was absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen. I stuck with it to the end only in the hopes that there would be some explanation or that it would make some kind of sense. Sadly, no (and I've never been able to enjoy Cornish game hens since).

Geithner does indeed bring back some of those same "Please just let it be over" memories and emotions.

Mark Heuring said...

You made it all the way through Eraserhead, NW? I am impressed. They screened it in college and I walked out after the first 10 minutes.

Night Writer said...

Like I said, I kept waiting for some pay-off to make sense of the story. I saw it at a midnight screening in college and at one point about halfway through the movie someone threw a liquor bottle at the screen, leaving a blotch for the rest of the movie. It didn't hurt the movie at all.