Sunday, March 15, 2009

res ipsa loquitur 031509 (but with quotes)

Someone better tell Jon Stewart that irony is dead. The money quotes:

It really is a silly campaign. What are we saying ‘no’ to? Trillions in new spending? An unpopular, earmark-laden bill that the President himself was embarrassed to sign? A new national energy tax? Releasing Gitmo terrorists into the U.S.? We’d like to thank them for reminding the American people that we are saying ‘no’ to those things.

and this:

[W]hat the Democrats don’t want to reveal in all of this is that they don’t need the GOP to pass any of their legislation. They own the government. It’s theirs. Success and failure is all theirs to hold. This is the goal that they’ve spent most of the last eight years trying to reach. And now that they have?

They’re scared.

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my name is Amanda said...

A little confused - there was a link to a blog, which included more links...nothing about Jon Stewart though.

It is rather a gift however, I should think to be in the minority. The GOP can just be a bunch of rabble rousers and blame the entire state of - of everything - on the Democrats. It is for this reason (among others) I've never felt that it's wise to have a such a significant majority on either side.

Mark Heuring said...

Yeah, nothing about Jon Stewart, except in his role as chief irony-monger these days.

And your point about the joys about being in the minority is correct. The D's used their minority status for fun and profit throughout the Bush years and now they are the majority.

We will have fun, a lot of fun, in the minority being rabble rousers. But once the Democrats screw things up enough that the populace is ready to return to the Republicans (which will happen one day), we have to be smarter and better than we were the last time. That's why I've been writing those BPOU posts.

Anonymous said...

It bothers me that Stewart continues to try to have his cake and eat it also. He makes jokes for a living about the news. He can not then turn around and try to tell others how they need to be. He no longer has any credibility after these stunts with Tucker and this latest one. They should consider bringing back Kilborn.