Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just sayin....

It's passing strange when evil evil EVIL!!!!! ELEVENTY11~!! Dick Cheney is more tolerant of the idea of gay marriage than Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

Good for Dick Cheney, and I mean that. And I am glad to see folks hoisting Obama on his own petard for that. But it is a shame that when he was the VP, Cheney couldn't appear on stage at the GOP Convention with his gay daughter and her partner, but the straight one was just fine. That's a little weird, isn't it?
I wouldn't want to work for people who told me I'd need ro treat one of my children differently than the other.


Gino said...

i'd heard before the whole election thing that cheney's daughter was gay. it was not a big deal to those of us, myself included, who were party activists at the time.

his daughter prefered to stay out of the spotlight, and remain a private citizen. that is why she didnt take the stage, and why anybody rarely saw her at political events.

it was after the convention, that the gay activists pulled her out of obscurity and forced her into the limelight as an attempt to embarass her father (who was not embarassed at all, if you bothered to notice.)

in close circles, cheney's girl, and her partner, were always recognized as full members of the cheney family.

but the issue was privacy, which mary cheney wanted. and was taken from her in the debate by that liberal asshole who's name escapes me right now.

i guess the right to privacy only exists when liberals want to kill babies?
is that it?

either way, it shows a tremendous hypocrasy on the part of the left.
but that is nothing new.