Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Radio Free Dilettante – 060309

Last Five
Brother Louie, The Stories
Conquest, the White Stripes
Think it Over, Buddy Holly
Which Way to America, Living Colour
Paperback Writer, The Beatles

Next Five
Duncan, Paul Simon
Tea in the Sahara, The Police
Fishin' Blues, Taj Mahal
Little Wing, Jimi Hendrix
Brand New Day, Van Morrison


Mike said...

White Stripes?!! Really? That one came out of left field. Did Maria introduce you to them?

Mark Heuring said...

No, figured it out all by myself. And believe it or not, I have both Get Thee Behind Me, Satan and Icky Thump.

Gino said...

but if you dont have 'elephant' you dont have the best they got.

i'd place it among the best 5 albums i have ever owned.

trust me on this.

Mark Heuring said...

Among the best 5? That's saying something. I'll have to check it out, Gino. Thanks for the tip!

Gino said...

yeah, best 5.
i meant exactly that.

many songs stand out by themselves, but grouped together the way they are, its like taking a journey.
they did a really good job of putting it all together.

the flow is natural.