Friday, June 19, 2009

The Wearing of the Green

Green seems to be the color the Iranian opposition has adopted. In solidarity, Mr. Dilettante will be wearing green as well.

That is all.


Gino said...

screw the iranians. they're on their own.

Mark Heuring said...

Based on the evidence, you're probably right, Gino.

my name is Amanda said...

That seems sort of obvious, Gino (except for the "screwing them" part); a revolution - or overturning the political power - must come from within.

It's important to every country in the world though, who is in power at any given moment. And it would be good for the US to see a shift toward actual Democracy in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gino, you are dead right. What do we care about what happens in Iran. There are mo issues of major national import to the US there, right? No potential to influence the Arab-Israeli peace process to be concerned with(see Hamas/Hezbollah...maybe you've heard of them), no nuclear issues, no possible impact with what is going on with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. None of this can touch us...screw the Iranians. Brilliant!