Monday, September 20, 2010

Candidates to Support -- Gina Bauman

I have set up my list of candidates that this blog supports over on the sidebar and it's no coincidence that the first name on the list is Gina Bauman. Gina is running for the State Senate in District 50. Gina has already established her bona fides during her time at the New Brighton City Council, where she has been a consistent advocate for fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers.

Her campaign website has an excellent primer on the proper role of government in jobs, taxes and the economy. I strongly recommend you read the whole thing, but here are a few key observations that Gina makes:

Most of our current economic difficulties are the result of government losing sight of these simple concepts and over stepping its legitimate bounds and authority. Bad policies often result from legislation that is sold to the people with a "here’s what government will give you if you vote for me" pitch.

We see this over and over again in Minnesota, with LGA, the "Legacy Amendment" and a variety of other programs. What's important to remember is this: the government always pays itself first.

Another key observation:

The state budget currently is balanced as required by law (many may not like the way it was balanced, but it none the less is balanced). The so-called "deficit" is because the state plans on spending more than it anticipates taking in as opposed to a negative balance of funds in an account.

This is the magic of baseline budgeting, in which it is assumed that there's an automatic upward ratchet on anything the government does. If spending is kept the same, it suddenly becomes a draconian cut. You can't run your household this way, so you don't. It's not a given that government should be run this way.

And when it comes down to basics, Gina understands the home truth:

The purpose of the tax code is to raise sufficient revenue in a fair and equitable manner to fund the legitimate functions and duties of government. It should not be used to manipulate the economy, cultivate political power or influence, or implement social engineering.

Just so. And considering that manipulating the economy, cultivating politcal power and influence and social engineering is pretty much the "to-do list" of the DFL and its candidates, now is the time to put a stop to all this. If Gina is given the opportunity to go to the Senate, she will be an effective leader and advocate for a government that lives within its means and that hews to the legitimate functions and duties of government.


Steve Taylor said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word, Mark.

Gina has done a great job for New Brighton and will undoubtedly do the same for District 50. The last thing our district needs is another DFL hack to continue the liberal agenda that the district has endured for a generation.

Anonymous said...

Go Gina!

Anonymous said...

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