Monday, September 13, 2010

Lighting Round - 091310

Same as yesterday -- not much time:
  • Here's an article that will start a few arguments. The money graf: As long as she is viewed as a significant political figure, the left’s obsession with Palin will never wane because it does not spring from rational roots. She threatens something too deep and too profound in a political subculture built around the belief that a small percentage of human beings have a vastly superior understanding of the world compared to all the rest. Read the whole thing - guaranteed to anger the lovable lefty in your life.
  • As long as you're not a fan of the Vikings or the Gophers, it was a highly enjoyable football weekend. After losing to South Freakin' Dakota, Gopher coach Tim Brewster must feel like a dead man walking. And Joel Maturi, the man who hired him, is probably looking over his shoulder, too.
  • Tom Brady, the highly successful quarterback of the New England Patriots, makes a lot of money and rightly so. So you have to wonder why a charitable organization would feel the need to give him cars.

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Anonymous said...

i said fairly much the same about palinophoba as practiced by the leftist femme bots.

nice to see somebody caught with me finally.

(blogger wont let me sign in)