Sunday, March 27, 2011

Be Prepared for Life

Today we had the privilege of attending an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for one of the young men in Benster's Boy Scout troop. The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest award in Boy Scouts. A Boy Scout has to earn twenty-one Merit Badges in order to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. The Boy Scout also has to do an Eagle Scout service project, which includes planning the project, lining up the materials and the help for the project and leading the volunteers who work on the project. All the requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout must be completed before the Boy Scout's eighteenth birthday.

Congratulations to all Boy Scouts who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. These young men have developed the skills to be leaders within their Boy Scout troop and within their high school.

Someday they will also be the leaders in our community.


Gino said...

when i was a scout, i looked at the requirements to reach eagle and just laughed it off.
yeah, right...
you talking bout me????

Kudos to any scout that saw the challenge, rose up, and met it.

a disproprtionate many of our business,cultural and political leaders have been eagles. tells ya something, dont it?

Mr. D said...

Good post, Mrs. D!

We need Eagle Scouts, more than we realize. The young man who received his award yesterday is a remarkable guy. His project, building wood duck houses and placing them in a regional park, was as well-executed and documented as anything I've ever seen in the corporate world.

Gino said...

i'd think a true son of minnesota would building duck blinds.