Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Ready for A-Klo

Andy Aplikowski has resurrected archival material from the Kennedy vs. the Machine blog, which was the precursor of the now defunct and much missed Truth vs. the Machine blog. Andy, Gary Miller, Bogus Doug and Learned Foot were just some of the key Minnesota bloggers who graced KvM and it's likely that what they documented during the 2006 campaign will again prove useful.

It also raises a question I've been thinking about in recent days. Amy Klobuchar, our now senior senator, is one of the emptiest suits I've ever seen. Klobuchar has mad skills for touchy-feely photo opportunity causes -- she did a masterful job exploiting a tragedy involving a faulty pool drain that caused a fatal injury to a young girl a few years back, and she's your go-to person whenever lead poisoning needs to be denounced -- but has been an absolute cipher otherwise. Klobuchar would make a pretty good consumer reporter for WCCO television, but we really need a much better senator representing this state.

But who should be the nominee for the Republicans? I'm curious what you think about it. Drop a note in the comments section with your thoughts.


First Ringer said...

Tragically, I think the best the MN GOP can hope for is a warm body to jump in front of Klobuchar's re-election effort. And right now, we don't even have that.

I could posit every political caveat that exists - the election is a 1 1/2 away; anything can happen; - but right now it seems extremely doubtful that Klobuchar will so much as get her hair singed. You're absolutely right, D, that she's an empty suit of a politician whose managed to take on only softball legislation. Unfortunately, that kind of empty leadership is the political equivalent of empty calories - unhealthy but filling.

Klobuchar's approval rating stands at 59% ( and her disapproval is only at 29%. Coupled with her $1.6 million on hand (according to, you likely need an opponent with a high name ID and significant fundraising ability to sucessfully challenge her. Are there really any names that fit this description?

Technically a few: Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty & Norm Coleman and maybe John Kline and Erik Paulsen are the 'A' list that fits the bill, but I doubt any of them are even considering running. Throw in the fact that redistricting is happening - which means every legislator's post is up for re-election - and the pool gets shallower still.

But you asked for names, so I'll throw these out: St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, County Commissioner Jeff Johnson, former 1st Congressional District nominee Randy Demmer and MN Free Market Institute head Kim Crockett for a hailmary candidacy. I doubt any of them will do so, but they're all probably in the category that they've got little to lose by trying.

Mr. D said...

You may be right, FR, but I continue to suspect that A-Klo's support is not deep. A sharp campaign can put her flaws into relief.

I like Jeff Johnson a lot -- he's done an excellent job and he's very quick on his feet. He'd be potentially a very good candidate. I don't know Kleis, but have heard good things about him.

Brad Carlson said...

Don't think it will happen, but Laura Brod would be perfect. She could eviscerate someone like Klobee on the issues without giving the impression of being a bully.