Thursday, August 18, 2011

No thanks

I've had a Yahoo! e-mail account since about 1998 or thereabouts. It's been generally reliable and over the years they've kept it reasonably comfortable.

Now they've decided that it's time to treat their customers like cattle. There is apparently a new wizbang version of Yahoo! e-mail, or so they say. They are now trying to force anyone who uses the old school version to switch, mostly by pestering you every time you sign in and making it more difficult to go to the version I've used over the years. You can get to it if you can find the tiny link on the gatekeeping page they hit you with.

Of course, there are alternatives. And my guess is that Yahoo! might find that their cattle prodding is going to cost them a lot of eyeballs. The more they keep getting between me and my e-mail account, the more likely it is that I'll switch to something else.

1 comment:

Gino said...

i went ahead and 'switched' without wanting to. i guess its too late now...

i hate this new thing.
same with the IE current version i got because the yahoo wasnt working well with the old version.

i want the old IE back, but i dont know if its possible. the new one wont even work on blogger.