Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Perry, Antichrist

There's some hilarious stuff that's been posted about Rick Perry since he entered the presidential race. The most interesting thing I've learned is that George W. Bush isn't really Chimpy McHitlerburton after all, but that Rick Perry is actually Chimpy McHitlerburton on steroids and is going to kill people with his bare hands or something like that. I may not have all the details right, but that's hardly an impediment to reporting these days.

The good news in all this? At least the large sectors of the MSM have stopped pretending to be objective. That's useful.


Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family are enjoying your vacation. Have a nice and relaxing time.

Regarding Perry, think what you want. (You sure are in love with the McHitlerBurton thing). More power to you. Personally, I am not sure who I like more: Perry, Bachman or Palin. Such tough choices.

But I am puzzled that you would be surprised that people would react negatively to a guy jumping into the lead spot in the GOP Presidential race by questioning the patriotism of the current holder of that office, calling the Chairman of the Federal Reserve unpatriotic, suggesting the Fed Chair, who was appointed by the last Republican President, is politically motivated in his actions, and finally, suggesting that if that man went to Texas, he'd get 'rough justice'. Not to mention that Perry has also recently advocated secession for his state. (Kinda like a guy running for Irish PM by pining for Cromwell;-) ).

If you don't find any of that newsworthy, please explain to me what would be.

I thought all Romney had to do to win the nomination was not act crazy. Now I am not so sure.


Mr. D said...

Here's how I'd put it to you, Rich -- if you assume that every word that Rick Perry says (or is ascribed to have said) is holy writ, then those statements would be alarming. I'm withholding judgment on Rick Perry until I have a chance to view his record and I'll weigh whether his rhetoric matters or not.

Personally, I wouldn't question Ben Bernanke's patriotism. I sure the hell question his judgment on any number of issues, though.

I also find the "Republicans are teh crazee" meme irritating as hell. There's something pretty damned unseemly about ascribing mental instability to your political opponents. The Republicans might be misguided. They might be wrong. They might be proposing ideas that won't work in the real world. But crazy is a cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Perry jumps into the race and in 3 days, he questions the President's patriotism, accuses the Fed Chair of being treasonous. Also declares that that same man is unscrupulous and has been politically motivated in his actions (even though Bernanke was put in that position by and has worked for Republicans most of his career) and then suggests that the Fed Chair would either get his ass kicked or be lynched (pretty reasonable interpretations of "rough justice" in Texas) if he were to come to that state. And, of course, the multiple secessionist statements he has made in the last few years. And all of this catapults him in to the lead in the GOP race. And then, someone like you, who I know is a partisan but very credible and pretty objective person, declares that there is bias in the media because the media noticed the obvious...that what Rick Perry is saying is pretty damn crazy.

Do I think Rick Perry wants to lynch or gang stomp Ben Bernanke? No. Do I believe he thinks Bernanke is treasonous? Not sure, but probably not. Do I think he really believes Bernanke and Obama are unpatriotic? Again, I am not sure. But I can't help but note the irony and dumb bravado of a guy who walks around talking secession accusing other people of being unpatriotic. Lastly, did I ever think I would see the day when saying all those things in the inaugural week of an individual's Presidential campaign wouldn't disqualify a candidate in either major party? No, I definitely did not. In fact, we have a name for a guy like that in's Lyndon LaRouche, and the broad consensus is that he is crazy. And BTW, Chimpy McHitlerburton's right hand man (see Karl Rove) beat me and the MSM to this conclusion last weekend.

Meanwhile, Jon Huntsman makes head lines and does unofficially remove himself from consideration in the GOP race by saying he believes in evolution, wants to see committed couples in long-term relationships given and legal sanction, and declares himself pro-science.

So while Secessionist Rick, and Sara "can't finish one term" Palin and Michelle "upset we didn't default" Bachman continue to climb in the polls, I don't know what to think. I didn't mean to imply that every Republican is crazy, but a significant number appear to be judgement impaired right now. And many in that group appear to be likely voters. It's the only explanation I can come up with.


Mr. D said...

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, Rich. I don't want to talk about the campaign right now, any more than I absolutely have to. It's still way too soon and I suspect the nominee may not yet be in the race.

One thing I do know -- Rove and Rick Perry have been enemies from way back, which is not surprising since Bush and Perry have had a largely adversarial relationship over the years.

I am glad that you're paying attention to Jon Huntsman's pronouncements, though. Somebody had to, I suppose.

Look, it's pretty much axiomatic that the Democrats are going to have to demonize whoever the Republicans choose to run in this cycle. They aren't going to be able to base a campaign on Obama's record of success.

Anonymous said...

I think Perry is doing a heckuva' job demonizing himself. I am pretty sure most Dems recognize that too. Probably why Obama, contrary to your claim of demonizing Perry, went out of his way to say cut him some slack. He just got in the race.

And I agree with you that the nominee might not even be in the race yet. At least, not officially.

Queen Esther should be making the leap sometime after all the September debates. That way, she doesn't have to participate, and wins by not being there. A luxury Perry no longer enjoys.


Gino said...

i'm no fan of the GOP, but your comments here are telling.
if your man was doing well enough in his job, you wouldnt need to slam the opposition so soon. you'd be all 'morning in america' like ya know who was able to do.
instead its looking more like 'God damn america'.

there is your problem. you cant defend anything. and unless you can, it dont much matter who the GOP puts up cause yer man wont win.

are you afraid of Perry or Palin as president? i think you are. tell your party, because it'll be obama's fault when it happens.

Truth: its been really funny the past week watching my facebook feed light up with dirt/hatred/vitriol for perry posted by my normally less-rabid democrat family.
ya'll are looking like well-trained sheep.

Mr. D said...

Rich, you'll notice that I didn't say Obama had been doing the demonizing. Usually you can make those distinctions.

I think Gino has it pretty well pegged.

BTW, Queen Esther? Really?