Monday, August 22, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Your School Reunion

You can eat dinner at a nice venue.

You will get to hear all the wonderful music from the years when you were in school.

You might get win the coveted prize for the alum who has traveled the farthest to attend the reunion.

You can laugh at everyone's yearbook picture.

You might see the person you secretly had a crush on.

You might be able to find out who really pulled that infamous prank.

You may discover that the years may have been kinder to you than they have been to the homecoming king and queen.

You might make a new friend.

You can reconnect with old friends.

You can spend an evening reminiscing about some of the best times of your life.


Mr. D said...

Did some of those things, Mrs. D. Especially the prank part, but of a much later vintage. And in that instance, I do respect the prankster's authori-tah.

Gino said...

facebook has shown me that the vast majority of the gals who were out of my league way back then still are, but at the other end of the spectrum. no thanks, i already bought a 'house'

besides what i've seen on others' feeds, i have zero interest in high school or anything/body related to it. never been to a reunion, never so much as responded to an invite with a 'no'. i know most would disagree with me, but ah well...guess i'm just that way.

Night Writer said...

I saw a post on FB the other day that my old HS class in Indianapolis was having - gad! - a 35 year reunion. I went to the website and browsed the names (there were 740 in the graduating class) and photos and some of the updated bios. It was kind of interesting but it didn't launch a strong desire in my heart to return. Moving away in the middle of my junior year was perhaps the most socially traumatic thing that had happened to me up until that point, but now, eh.