Thursday, September 08, 2011

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Yes, I Am Ready for Some Football, And Thanks for Asking!

Before I start my prognosticating, I would just like everyone to know that the blogging break that the old dude decreed the other night is over for the moment. He'll explain what's been going on later, but now it's time for some stratospheric HYYYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPPE!!!!!!!!

We can all use a little HYYYYYYYPPPPPE!

I have a 55-gallon drum of it and I'm going to dump it all over y'all tonight. Watch me work.

New Orleans Who Dat Nation (+4 1/2) vs. Glorious Green Bay Packers. I used y'all because people in N'awlins sometimes talk that way. They also say other weird things, but we're not interested in local speech patterns tonight. We're interested in FOOTBALL! And so the Glorious, World Champion GREEN. BAY. PACKERS. take the field tonight against the Saints, who won the Super Bowl only one year ago. The last two times these teams played each other was in 2008, when the Packers weren't very good and Dom Capers was someplace else. Drew Brees opened up a can of whoop you know what* on our beloved Packers. But now things are different. Capers is a genius, Clay Matthews is a beast and B.J. Raji is a giant mountain of fun in the middle of the Packer D-line. It won't be a Brees, so to speak, for Brees to complete passes while he has a dude who looks like Fabio draped all over him. It might help him sell Romance novels, except that NFL quarterbacks don't usually write them. So when we write the story of this game, I see: Packers 35, Saints 31.

Brad Carlson will be disappointed in that pick, Benster. He thought you'd select the Pack by a score of 75-6. I think the Packers will win, too, but it won't be easy. Brees is an awfully good quarterback and the Saints have a lot of weapons. I think the Packers will outlast the Saints, but they'll have to do something special to get the win. Fortunately, I think they have plenty of special guys. Green Bay 34, New Orleans 27.

Well, thanks for that, old dude. We'll be back tomorrow with more picks, especially the highly exciting Gophers/New Mexico State tilt. We love us some Jerry "The Cable Guy" Kill. Ben out!

*You know what the word is. I'm Benster. I don't have to work blue. I'm better than that.

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W.B. Picklesworth said...

You were both pretty close to the mark! I watched the second half and needn't have trimmed my fingernails yesterday. Hopefully next week's game against Carolina will be a little less exciting.