Monday, September 12, 2011

Lightning Round - 091211

We're way behind on blogging here because we've had a few things to deal with in recent days. I'm not going to go into detail here but the good news is that things should be back to normal soon. A lot has happened in the world outside our home in recent days. A few very quick thoughts:
  • We're at the point now where it starts to make sense to pay attention to presidential debates, but more pressing matters kept me from watching the fun on Wednesday. I guess we're supposed to pick between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in this cycle. I'd like a better candidate than that, not that there was one on the podium with the two anointed frontrunners. The hour is late, but I think there will be others.
  • I also missed the president's speech before a joint session of Congress, but having read what he's proposing, I'd say this:  short-term fixes are fine and some of what he's proposing might even help a little bit, but the underlying problem in the economy is something we've talked about before:  the people who have the money are reluctant to put it out there right now because they sense that this administration will go Juan Peron on them. Whether that's a fair or rational way of looking at matters is entirely beside the point. That's the perception and Obama and his coterie haven't moved the needle on it yet.
  • We mentioned the Solyndra story briefly. It got more interesting now that the FBI has raided Solyndra's offices. Solyndra got a lot of money from the feds to prop up their business (making solar panels) and still went belly up. This story isn't going away.
  • The NFC North is a tough neighborhood. As much as I enjoyed the opening night performance of my beloved Packers, I must say that the Bears were very impressive on Sunday. It could be a very long year at Winter Park.
  • We haven't talked much about the Arden Hills stadium much lately, although things have been happening. We'll try to revisit that topic soon.


Gino said...

no doubt, the reports are about the underperforming Falcons.

we got the Saints coming up. that should be a better insight of the packers performance this week.

Brad Carlson said...

It could be a very long year at Winter Park.

I'm predicting that the Christian Ponder era will be ushered in approximately Week 6.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

And then of course there is week three which should provide some information about the relative strength of the Bears and Packers. I'll go out on a limb and say that the game will be very close.

Gino said...

damn straight, WB. even in down yrs, those games can be crap shoots.