Friday, November 11, 2011

Lightning Round - 111111

This one goes to 11:

  • Haven't written much about the Occupy folks lately, but things aren't going so well for them. John Hinderaker over at Powerline has a handy compendium of the latest goings on, including tuberculosis in Atlanta, human waste cleanup in London's St. Paul Cathedral and a Molotov cocktail in Portland. Meanwhile, there's apparently been a murder in Oakland. William Golding saw this coming, of course. And in a lesson that every generation must relearn, good intentions often don't correlate to good results.
  • It's Veteran's Day and chances are good that someone near and dear to you wore the uniform. Make sure to thank them for their service. This one goes out to my brother and my father-in-law. Paul and Dave, thank you.
  • Not much new to report on the Vikings front -- Mark Dayton was grumping about the process earlier in the week and Ramsey County apparently is buying the Arden Hills site that the Vikings want, but nothing has really changed. We'll continue to watch for actual news.
  • Looks like the "Not Romney" bandwagon is now visiting the Land of Newt. We've been there before and it's not a promising place to be. 


Gino said...

i'm looking forward to a newt/barack debate. how bout you?

Night Writer said...

Gino, the Secret Service would have to step in and throw themselves on the microphones to prevent a slaughter. I have no love for - and little interest in - Newt, but this would be entertaining. It would be like Jared Allen or Clay Matthews going against the Bears' offensive line.