Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well, yeah

Saw this on Facebook, from an old college friend who is a college professor and reliably leftist:

Apparently we're supposed be outrageously outraged at two things:

1) That some jerk cop was randomly pepper spraying people at UC Davis; and
2) That some people (that the Left feels free to smear with the nasty epithet "teabagger") carry guns.

It's pretty simple, actually. Human nature being human nature, it should be obvious that some cops are going to be nasty people. There are nasty people in all walks of life. Because you encounter nasty people in the world, you need to have the ability to defend yourself. That's the point of the 2nd Amendment.

It's really not that hard to understand. If you can demonstrate that the cost of screwing with you will be high, people won't generally screw with you. And if you depend on the kindness of strangers. . . .


Brad Carlson said...

I'd frame the comparisons another way.

Do you recall all those Tea Party rallies where people screamed racial epithets, committed sexual assaults and engaged in public defecation?

Neither do I.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Or this:

Do you recall all those Tea Party rallies that went on and on for weeks on public propriety, costing municipalities big bucks for police overtime and screwing over local businesses?

Yeah, me neither.

Honestly, I hate signs like this. They are always trite and self-congratulatory. They're not an argument; they're a turd in the public discourse.

Joey said...

How about this?

Do you remember all of those Tea Party protesters who camped in the city and failed to get permits for their gatherings?

Neither do I.

I sympathize with the cause of the protesters - well, some of the causes...it can be tough to figure out what cause exactly each protester is there for. But the way they're going about it won't result in the change the Tea Party movement has seen. They need an agenda and they really don't have one.

Bike Bubba said...

I dunno about "reframing" it; if indeed the police were pepper spraying people without provocation, we should be offended, end of story. If the story holds--and there ought to be other witnesses, too who might pipe up--there's a guy who needs to find another profession, whether or not the OWS protesters are behaving themselves.