Friday, March 30, 2012

Hanging Curveball of the Year

Baseball season is here, so it was good of Governor Dayton to serve up what has to be the hanging curveball of the year:

A frustrated Gov. Mark Dayton said Thursday that charitable gaming representatives were not “on the same planet” with state officials in trying to resolve a funding problem that is stalling plans for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

“I don’t see the charities and the [state] Commissioner of Revenue, Myron Frans, on the same planet in terms of their analysis,” the DFL governor told reporters.
Too easy. Waaaaay too easy.


Night Writer said...

I know - I had the same thought when I saw the headline yesterday! All kinds of planetary ways you can go with this from the obvious, "What planet is he on/from?"; to the sophmoric, "Gov. Dayton, speaking from Uranus, said..."; to the Sci-Fi "The Vikings are a harsh mistress"; to the astrological, "when the Dome is in the 7th House Committee and Jupiter aligns with Sambuca...".

Trouble is, even a hanging curve can catch you flat-footed, especially when you were looking for the screwball.

R-Five said...

My first thought was that the Guv is the vex-er not the vex-ee. Multiple bluffs that we have a deal. Ball's in the rough 170 yards out and he wants a gimme.

Mr. D said...

Ball's in the rough 170 yards out and he wants a gimme.