Sunday, September 30, 2012

Barone on the Polls

He knows more about politics than I do. Or just about anyone else. So when he says:

It may be that we're seeing the phenomenon we've seen for years in exit polls, which have consistently skewed Democratic (and toward Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries). Part of that is interviewer error: Exit poll pioneer Warren Mitofsky found the biggest discrepancies between exit polls and actual results were in precincts where the interviewers were female graduate students.

But he also found that Democrats were simply more willing to fill out the exit poll. Which raises the question: Are we seeing the same thing in this month's polls?
It's a question that the triumphalists on the left need to consider.


Anonymous said...

No! Quiet, whether triumphalists will get up and continue trying to steal this election. Better to let them lie back in the sweet assurance of their delusions.

J. Ewing

Anonymous said...

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