Thursday, September 20, 2012

With his stripes we are healed

The genius of Matt Drudge (via Althouse):

Isaiah 53:5, call your office
On the left, the stripes of dried blood left behind on the walls of the consulate in Benghazi, blood from the bleeding hands of the Americans killed in Benghazi last week, who were, it now appears, dragged off to their death. On the right, merch from the Obama shop, in which the 50 stars are replaced with the Obama logo. Only $35, I believe. Doesn't have to be blood money, though, as they take most major credit cards. Makes a lovely holiday gift.


Night Writer said...

Well of course they take credit cards, it's the currency of this administration's policies. And they're not too shy on the "take credit" thing, though owning up seems to be a problem.

Brad said...

...the 50 stars are replaced with the Obama logo.

So the other seven stars are still visible?

redsquirrel said...

This is the SECOND time this year that Obama has desecrated the red, white, and blue.

There was also an Obama flag with his likeness in the blue field (where the stars belong).

Someone should tell Obama that we don't pledge allegience to HIM....