Saturday, June 01, 2013

Godspeed, Speed

Speed Gibson is hanging it up:
An old joke tells of actors lamenting how long it's been since they landed a part, then wishing they could get out of show business.  For whatever the reasons, it's similarly hard to call me a blogger anymore, having posted precious little the past year or so.  It's just not where I'm at anymore, so I will be closing down Speed Gibson sometime next week.
I've enjoyed Speed's work; he's a sharp observer of the scene and he did fine work keeping track of events on the local level, especially regarding the activities of his local school district (Robbinsdale). Priorities change, though, so after nine years of high-quality blogging, he's taking things in a new direction:
Perhaps the biggest reason is that I want to focus on my continuing weight loss journey.  I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in nutrition, health, fitness, and some of the related politics.  So, I will soon be starting a new blog, maybe even a podcast, to recount my efforts and share what I've learned.  The biggest lesson seems to be that there is too much unproven and counterproductive information out there and that will be my focus.  To cut the fat, you first need to cut the crap. I'll keep you posted via Twitter, continuing there as SpeedGibson.
Once Speed has things set up for his new endeavor, I'll post the links.

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