Friday, May 31, 2013

The Easiest Victory Lap This Blog Has Ever Exprerienced

Saw this one coming right down ol' I-94.

So when our pal Michele Bachmann decided that she was through with running for Congress, I offered the following observation:
The guy this hurts most of all is Bachmann's scheduled opponent, Jim Graves, who will now face an unnamed Republican in a district that is strongly Republican and chock-full of potential candidates. The out-of-state money is going to dry up, because no one is going to bother writing a check to help out a guy who's positioned himself as a moderate Democrat. It wouldn't be especially surprising if Graves decides that it's a better move to drop out himself and go back to running his hotel chain instead. Who needs the aggravation?
Not two days later, word comes that Graves feels no need to stoop to conquer:
As of today, Jim Graves is going to indefinitely suspend his campaign for Congress from the 6th District.

Translation: He is not running. He is dropping out of politics to concentrate on his family and his business.
So now what? Mitch Berg had a suggestion the other day:
Tarry Not:   Does Tarryl Clark already have her U-Haul loaded up, or what?
She's probably filling the tank even as we speak. Personally, I'd suggest that the DFL go retro like they did with Rick Nolan and fish out an old reject from the past. Maybe Gerry Sikorski would like another go, or maybe Martin Olav Sabo or David Minge or Bill Luther. Or Zombie Bruce Vento.

So many choices....


Brad said...

Taryl Clark has yet to take a shot in CD2 and CD3.

Priorities, people.

Mr. D said...

Taryl Clark has yet to take a shot in CD2 and CD3.

Priorities, people.

Good point, Brad. She really ought to try WI-7 too before she circles back.

Bike Bubba said...

One big loss for the GOP is that they've lost a lightning rod that attracts liberal attention. I wonder if a bunch of GOP people won because the money went to oppose Bachmann.

On the other hand, some of the foolish things Bachmann did probably hurt the party, too. So I'm at a loss to say which way it goes.

R.A. Crankbait said...

So Graves turns out to be a bit of a dilettante. Not that there's anything wrong with that.