Monday, April 11, 2016

Panic in Trumpville

I'm amused:

High Drudgeon
The Donald is complaining about the results of the Republican convention in Colorado, where the delegates to the national convention are chosen. Ted Cruz won pretty much all of them, because Team Trump wasn't paying attention to the rules. The "shock" headline from Drudge, that's at the top of the page? It refers to an article from the Denver Post concerning the decision of the Republican Party in Colorado to forgo a presidential vote at the caucus level. Note the date it was first published:

Breaking news from last summer
In other words, Team Trump should have known about the rules in Colorado a long time ago. They also should have made arrangements to have their people attend the caucuses in February. Ted Cruz was paying attention and did what he needed to do to win the delegate elections. Trump didn't. That is the story here. And it tells you a lot about the relative strengths of the two campaigns in question. You have to get your people in place to win. And you have to understand what it takes to win. Ted Cruz appears to understand. He may not win, but he's doing everything he can to put himself in position to win. If Trump can't handle that part of the job, he's not going to be president.


Benster said...

Maybe Trump is focusing more on New York and Pennsylvania. He must think that Cruz's victory is neither classy nor huuge.

Mr. D said...

Not enough HYYYYYYPPPPE, eh Benster?

Bike Bubba said...

Just what we need--another crybaby in chief who blames all of his problems on others. The Vast Cuban Wing Conspiracy or something.

Gino said...

Viewing from a distance here, but I'm seeing a bit of applied alinsky going on and Cruz is now the head of the GOPe.

Trump may have won CO by other means.

Paul said...

I feel so bad for Voldemort. Wait, no I don't.

Mr. D said...

Trump may have won CO by other means.

Actually making an effort to win might have helped.

jerrye92002 said...

I think what's missing is that the RNC rules dictate when Presidential straw polls or primaries can be held (IA and NH first, Minnesota March 1 IF we make the straw poll binding on delegates, which we did). Colorado went the other way and probably had the better process, frankly. The process didn't dictate the candidate choice, candidate effort did. Too bad Trump doesn't have a ball to pick up and go home with.