Friday, September 30, 2016

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Into October Edition

Old dude, the moth of October is really the greatest month if you are a sports fan. All four major pro leagues are in play, and in college football there are a lot of good conference games that are really interesting.

That's true, Seabiscuit. And the Ryder Cup is going on this weekend here in Minnesota.

I know! I wish I could be there, but my collegiate obligations keep me here in exciting Galesburg. Believe me, if I were there, I'd have no trouble mustering the HYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPE!

They seem to have the HYYYYYYYPPPPPPPE! under control, actually. The crowds have been raunchy and raucous.

You're from Manhattan, they're from Seacaucus? Very old school, old dude! Channeling the Beastie Boys again?

Yeah. I find it interesting, kinda like this month.

Well, I guess it would be interesting to you, but I might have thought that there were months that were far less interesting. Can you get multiple Early Bird Specials in October?

Guess I'll find out.

It is time to pick some games, so watch me work:

Minnesota Golden Gophers (+3) vs. Penn State Nittany Lions. This is one of the 100 or so trophy games in the Big Ten, though I do not think that the teams really hate each other. The Gophers have looked pretty decent in the early part of the season, while Penn State did lose at Pitt and got embarrassed by Michigan last week in Ann Arbor. I do think that the Gophers are going to be a factor in the Big Ten West, since Iowa looks to have taken a step back. Still, I do think winning in Happy Valley is a step a bit too far. Penn State 27, Gophers 14.

I tend to agree with you on this one. Penn State has to have this one. The Gophers want this one. Many things are decided with those levels of motivation. Penn State 24, Gophers 20.

Beloved Wisconsin Badgers (+10.5) vs. Michigan Wolverines. Meanwhile, the Badgers took care of things quite well in East Lansing, and are ranked in the top 10 in the polls. However, with no Vince Biegel for the next few weeks, things are going to be a lot more difficult. Michigan is a very good team, and are certainly well coached by Jim, the more annoying Harbaugh brother. However,, Harbaugh has not won a big game in this conference yet, and Wisconsin can say that they beat two top 10 teams away from Camp Randall. We are about to find out if these teams are for real. I do think that it is great that the Badgers are playing Michigan again after a few years. Paul Chryst will have his team ready to play, and I think that the Badgers have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Badgers 21, Fail to the Victors 11.

This is a tough assignment, especially given all the injuries the Badgers have faced. They are also missing their kicker, who is out for the season. That's going to matter, maybe as soon as this week. Michigan 21, Wisconsin 20.

Tottenham Hotspur (NL) vs. Manchester City. Since Knox is on bye this week, and there were no national college games that really stood out, let's talk some more Premier League. Tottenham currently sit 2nd in the table, behind Manchester City, who have yet to drop points in the league under Pep Guardiola, who is arguably the most successful manager in the world. Spurs will not have Harry Kane, but I do expect that this game is going to be high scoring. However, Tottenham is coming back from a long trip to Moscow in the Champions League, while City only went to Glasgow to play Celtic. Tottenham 1-3 Manchester City.

If my Spurs are going to be a factor this season, they need to win this match, or at least get a draw. I think they will win. New Spurs hero Heung Min Son scores again and the goaltending remains stout. Spurs 1, City 0.

New York Football Giants (+5) vs. Minnesota Vikings. Nobody expected the Vikings to have as good a start as they have had without Teddy Bridgewater and AP, but the defense of the Vikings is looking really good. The Giants come into town looking like they finally figured some things out after last year. I do expect this game to be close, but the Vikings should have no issues winning at their new palace, which I would rename A "Better" Minnesota Dome. Vikings 25, Giants 3.

Peyton Eli Manning really stinks against the Vikings. No reason to believe that changes this week. Vikings 24, Giants 10.

Detroit LOLions (-2.5) vs. Bear Down Chicago da Bearz. The Bears are, quite frankly, a joke right now. I know that they are banged up, but their record at home recently has been unacceptable, and you have to wonder if the McCaskey family needs to make more changes at Halas Hall. John Fox really has not gotten in the right mix of players, and I since he is sitting on a molten lava chair. I am begging Gino to buy the Bears. At least he shows passion and enthusiasm, unlike the front office. If the Bears can't beat the freaking Lions, a team that should really be playing against the Providence Steam Roller, or maybe the Canton Bulldogs or some other ancient team, then we know that the only thing pretty about Soldier Field right now is the parking garage. Lions 45, Just Fire the Whole Freaking Team 0.

Gino's a formidable presence in fantasy football, so why not? As for the game, this is one the Bears can, and should, win. I think it's a shootout and, what the heck? Bears 35, Lions 31.

That is all for us, and if you are a fan of the Bears, I am so sorry you have to watch that team. Oh wait, I am a Packers fan. I really don't give a darn. Ben out!


Brad Carlson said...

Peyton Manning really stinks against the Vikings. No reason to believe that changes this week.

Or Eli. :-D

Vikings 24, Giants 10.

GAH! D has picked *against* my Vikings every week this season and my squad has fared well as a result. Why mess with a formula that works?!?!?

Mr. D said...
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Mr. D said...

Peyton? D'oh! Next time I'll try to be awake when I write my part of this. Sorry about picking the Vikings, too, Brad. That was obviously an error as well....

Gino said...

this Bears fan was less than sorrowful watching his team this week... so he got that going for himself. (he kicked a lil ass in Fantasy, too.)

Mr. D said...

he kicked a lil ass in Fantasy, too.

Congrats on that. I can afford to be magnanimous at the moment.

Bike Bubba said...

Sorry to see the Badgers aren't quite as dominant as I'd hoped, and as I predicted, this season is getting to be LONG for Spartans fans.

Brad Carlson said...

Sorry about picking the Vikings, too, Brad.

Forgiven. :-)

Mr. D said...

By the way, note the final score I picked in the Vikings game....

Brad Carlson said...

By the way, note the final score I picked in the Vikings game....

Yep. Spot on!