Friday, September 16, 2016

A quick rant

My practice is to get up early so I have time to write a blog post in the morning. This morning, I had a problem with Google Chrome not working well. The usual way to deal with this issue is to restart this very old (5+ years) computer. Upon restart, I discovered that Microsoft decided it was time to add "updates," which essentially turned the computer into a brick for a half hour. When it finally began to work again, I went back to Chrome and discovered that the "update" changed all my browser settings and changed the default browser to Microsoft Edge. I have just spent a few minutes turning off several of the "updates."

I don't mind security updates -- the world is full of rat bastards who would steal your files and passwords and whatnot. But I don't want my operating system to turn on things I didn't request.

End of rant. Fortunately, I even have a post label for this sort of thing.

1 comment:

Steve Taylor said...

Try Opera or Vivaldi... :)