Friday, September 16, 2016

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Opening the Bank Edition

So, this is the biggest Vikings home game in years, as we will finally see how the new stadium for the Vikings looks for a real NFL game.

It's a nice enough joint -- we've been there before ourselves:

This time, all the seats will be filled
Well, for what, a billion dollars? It had better be nice!


We'll see if it lives up to the HYYYYYYYPPPPPPPPPE! Meanwhile, we have other work to do, Geritol Fan, so let's get to it! Watch me work!

Georgia State Panthers (+35) vs. Beloved Wisconsin Badgers. Despite having people in the national media question how difficult the schedule the Badgers have, they are undefeated and are one of the 10 best teams in all the land. Wisconsin should have no issues with this game, but this is the last easy game for a while, as Big Ten play starts next week and the gauntlet starts. Wisconsin 56, GSU 11.

Panthers is probably a better nickname than "Commuters," but anyway... this is a mismatch. Bucky should romp. Badgers 63, GSU 14.

St. Norbert Green Knights (NL, because Vegas already takes enough bets) vs. Knox College Prairie Fire. Knox is a great school, and I really enjoy it here. The problem is that football is something that Knox does not have a winning tradition in. St. Norbert is the big bad bully who wins all the freaking time, but they are not a College that Changes Lives, let me tell you that. Knox 186, St. Norbert 111.

No, but they will kick your butt in most sports. Don't feel too bad about it, though -- they pick on everyone in the league. St. Norbert 45, Knox 14.

A School In Columbus (-1.5) vs. Oklahoma Sooners. Yes, you may have noticed that the Buckeyes have a new name around here. The reason is since they refuse to call Michigan by it's proper name, and that the charter for the school puts it above the many fine higher education choices in the state of Ohio, we can call the Buckeyes what they really are. Columbus's Big Ten team last year was quite frankly an example of what happens when Urban Meyer loses a very good assistant. Tom Herman was the key to the success of the offense, and his leaving to push Houston into a major contender highlighted the value I believe a good offensive mind brings. Meyer has yet to adjust, and that is something that needs to change. Oklahoma lost to Houston earlier in the year, and considering that experience means that Oklahoma has to run the table and win the Big XII outright in order to have any shot. Once again, A School in Columbus will ride the Sweater Vest experience, where success with someone else's recruits will make the fanbase expect way too much and run a good coach out of town. Oklahoma 31, A School in Columbus 14.

I watched some of that Oklahoma vs. Houston game. I don't think Oklahoma is that good. OSU 31, Oklahoma 21.

English Premier League: Tottenham (NL) vs. Sunderland. Tottenham are a major threat in the Premier League this year, but they stumbled on Wednesday in their Champions League opener against Monaco. Thankfully, Sunderland is a huge relegation favorite who lost 3-0 to Everton on Monday. I expect that Spurs will use this match as way to begin their push on all fronts. Tottenham 5, Sunderland 1.

My beloved (well, kinda) Spurs! To dare is to do! COYS! All that! Young fella is right -- Sunderland isn't very good. Spurs are. Spurs 5, Sunderland 0.

Glorious Green Bay Packers (-2.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings came into training camp with huge expectations. The future seemed bright, the new stadium was opening, and the Vikings were going to get past the hurt that ended their year against the Seachicken bandwagoners. With Teddy Bridgewater on IR, it is going to be Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford that is going to have to fill the void. The Packers played well last week in the heat against the Jags, but there were some areas that concerned me. The Vikings are going to be jacked up to play in their new palace, but the Packers have won the last 3 times they have crossed the St. Croix. As much as Mrs. D is going to shake her head, the Packers lost their title as Kings of the North, and they want it back. Packers 24, Vikings 22.

Can Sam Bradford do it? Can the the Packers survive the ferocious pass rush? I think so. Sharif Floyd is not playing for the Vikings, nor is Xavier Rhodes, their best cover man. That means the Packers will have time to throw and an open receiver. That's trouble for the Vikings. Packers 31, Vikings 20.

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) vs. Bear Down Chicago da Bearz. So the Bears think that they are improving, and that they are going to help decide if the John Fox era is going to be better than the last era. Gino is excited about the way the Bears played against the Texans, but at the same time, the Bears are a team that gets by based on luck, and the Eagles are a sneaky team with a very accomplished quarterback in Carson Wentz, who is no secret to folks who know about what he did in the Fargodome. Eagles 49, da Bearz Still Suck 9.

I think Carson Wentz is gonna be good, but it's tough to call him accomplished when he's only played one game. I also think the Eagle defense is not very good and this game represents a good chance for the Bears to get untracked. I also have Alshon Jeffery on my fantasy team, so. . . Da Bearz 34, Eagles 24.

Meanwhile, back to work for me -- I have tough classes this year, because I go to a College That Changes Lives! Ben out!

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Gino said...

mixed thoughts about the Bears last week... they lead one of the better teams in the NFL for 3 quarters, but never really caught much spark offensivly. I blame the play calling on that. this rookie coordinator needs to learn quickly that you cant call the same three plays from the same three formations and expect to get much done.

i get the feeling Fox and company are still in preseason mode, trying to see what they got, and not too worried about winning the games this year.