Friday, January 13, 2017

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Welcome to 1995 Edition

I know what you are thinking about the title. Why 1995? Well, the Packers are playing their first playoff game in Dallas since 1995-96. And that game is going to be interesting and filled with HYYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPEEE!

The last time the Packers played a playoff game in Dallas against the Cowboys, you had a rattle in your hand. Just a baby, and the only thing you could fill was a diaper. Those were the Packers of Brett Favre and Reggie White, against the Cowboys of Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. 

Things have changed a lot since then. I understand football a lot better, and all of those players in those games are all doing other things.

Yes. It's difficult to imagine it's been 21 years, but here we are.

Well, you'd better get ready. Take a swig of that Metamucil and get in position, Decrepit!  It is time to pick some football. Watch me work!

Seattle Seachickens (+4.5) vs. Hotlanta Dirty Birds. Seattle played very well in sweeping away the LOLions last weekend, but this game is a real test for them. For my money, Matt Ryan is probably the MVP of the league because he was more consistent all year and did not have a really bad game. This could be the final game in the Georgia Dome, and Atlanta is hoping that is not the case. What they need to do is to use their running game, which is a hidden key they have. Seattle will not have the aid of their crowd this time, and I question if they are strong enough to dig out a result. Falcons 28, Seahawks 17.

I think Atlanta actually is the better team, but their history works against them. Matt Ryan has been great this season, but his playoff record is abysmal and I'm guessing the Falcons will feel a lot of pressure. Seattle is battle tested. The key will be if the Falcons can keep the pressure on Russell Wilson. I think they do, but it's close. Atlanta 28, Seattle 24.

Houston Texans (+13) vs. New England Deflation. New England is expected to roll right through to the conference title game and face the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. We will discuss the Cowboys later, but New England is a very good team. The issue I see for them is that sometimes the bye week is not a good enough reward, since teams can get rusty. The Patriots have earned their championship/dynasty cred back, but Houston looks like they figured something out against Oakland, Do not expect a Foxboro Massacre, because maybe the New Englanders might be the ones who will see their championship dreams die. Texans 17, Cheatriots 9.

Uh, no. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady know how to win playoff games. Brock Osweiler? Not really. This will be ugly. Patriots 35, Texans 10.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers got a break today because the NFL pushed the starting time back because of an ice storm. Pittsburgh is a team that is really equipped to handle a cold weather game, and have a lot of great offensive talent. Kansas City is a very scrappy bunch of players, and their fans will have a few extra hours to lube up and get even more intimidating. I think Pittsburgh can win, but they are going to have to earn it. Steelers 20, By The Way, What's Wrong With The Chiefs? 17.

What's wrong with the Chiefs? Better ask an expert:

I miss ol' Jack Harry. He was a piece of work. As for the game, I'm also looking at the history of things. The Steelers have a glorious playoff history. The Chiefs? Not since this guy:

Matriculating down the field
Perhaps the Chiefs can get it done. The home crowd at Arrowhead is ferocious and the young fella is correct that they will likely be pretty well liquored up by game time. Is that enough against another battle tested team? Pittsburgh 34, Kansas City 27.

Glorious Green Bay Packers (+5) vs. Dallas How Bout Them Cowboahs? The Packers started very slowly against the Giants, and managed to come alive for the last 27 minutes. No Jordy Nelson is going to be a big hurt, but the Packers can still come out of Dallas with a win. Dallas has not played a meaningful game in a couple of weeks, and even our loudmouth pal Skip Brainless has to admit that all the pressure is on the Cowboys. Even though they won in Lambeau in October, the Packers have improved a lot since then, and Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott are going to face pressure. The Packers need to run the football and get off to a great start to force Prescott to air it out in order to win. Make no mistake about it, if Dallas does not play well, then Dak Prescott will be in danger of being pulled for Tony Romo, and the annoying Cowgirls fans will question Mr. Prescott. And mark my words, Dallas is about to get exposed and the meltdown Skip will have will be fun to watch. Packers 40, Cowgirls 21.

Man, I hope you're right. I agree with the broad outline -- for the Packers to win, they will need to start fast and control the game flow. If Dallas is playing from behind, the chances that Zeke Elliott can wear the Packers down behind all the road graders on the Dallas offensive line is lessened. If Dallas breaks to the lead, this could go south in a hurry. The idea is to make this guy beat the Packers:

This is all he does, and he does it well
Oops, I think that's the wrong picture. Anyway, excuse me while I chase my Metamucil with Kool-Aid... Packers 30, Cowboys 27.

Enjoy your football this weekend, and if the Cowboys lose, watch Skip. And if Skip wants to debate me, just ask. Ben out!

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