Monday, January 16, 2017

Packers 34, Cowboys 31

It was a tiptoe game:

Head, shoulders, knees (up) and toes
I'm trying to stay calm about it, but given how the season appeared to be lost at Thanksgiving, this has been a tremendous run. I'm not sure any team has been as blessed at quarterback as the Green Bay Packers have been, at least over the last 25 years.


Gino said...

well coached WR corps for green bay. Rodgers, Stafford or Cutler are among the few QBs who could make that final throw... but that catch, by a non-marquis WR??? thats coaching, imo.

you've had a bit of luck on your side too. congratulations. (maybe someday, the Bears will get some on their side.)

Bike Bubba said...

There are exceptions, but looking at Super Bowl winners, I'm struck by how many of them are from small markets like Pittsburgh and Green Bay. One might almost wonder whether it's good to have a boring area for athletes to live in.

Sounds like a great excuse for all those Bears draft picks flaming out, but it doesn't help explain Tony Mandarich to the Packers. :^)