Saturday, February 04, 2017

Benster and D Pick Your Games -- Super Bowl LI Edition

Old dude, it is time to see which set of players is ready to feel the HYYYYYYYYPPPPEE of getting to celebrate and see their pretty faces on the big screen.

Have you seen those big screens? The one at the Vikings stadium makes each drop of sweat look like a small pond.

No it doesn't. And remember, outrageous statements are my department. It is the Super Bowl, and maybe this year we will actually have a good game and halftime show, unlike last year which was a very boring game.

I agree with that. The best part of last year was seeing Cam Newton look like Max Headroom after the game:

I'm not sure what you mean, but then again I wasn't around in the 80s. Usually you just show me those weird music videos. So anyway, what does this Max Headroom guy look like, anyway?

Like Cam, if Cam were a computer simulation, which I think he was for several weeks this season:

You continue to astound me with your Geritol flashbacks, old dude. Is that what happens when you start mainlining the Metamucil?

I guess so, but it's been a long time since those days. Just be glad I didn't post any of those videos.

I am. I guess maybe this year could be different. It is time to talk some football and it is time to watch me work.

New England Patriots (-3) vs. Hotlanta Falcons, in Houston. So, seeing New England back in the Super Bowl is not a huge surprise, because they clearly were the best team in the AFC. Atlanta though is a bigger surprise, though they did romp all over my Packers to get their ticket to Houston. It almost seems like New England is going to win, and that they can extend their dynasty. Well, not so fast. The Patriots have not been challenged in a while, and the danger I see is that Tom Brady might be too motivated by wanting to make the Roger "No Fun Allowed" Goodell hand him the trophy. Matt Ryan has the chance to prove that he really is at that top level of quarterbacks by getting a ring, but he is going to need at least 175 total yards of offense to come from his running backs. I expect Atlanta to pull an upset that will deflate New England fans all over the country, and Brady will never get blamed for another failure in a big game because Patriots fans never want to admit that Brady has flaws. Hotlanta 31, Shouldn't Dynasties Not Go A Decade Between Titles? 27.

Is that a rhetorical question? Wait, don't answer that. I definitely think Atlanta could win this game. They have an explosive offense and, generally speaking, they are difficult to stop. The genius of Belichick is his ability to take away something the opponent likes to do. I think the Patriots will find a way to keep Julio Jones under control. Can the other Patriot receivers do enough to compensate? And will Devonta Freeman stop grousing about his contract long enough to get in the end zone? On such questions championships are decided. Brady will be Brady and Belichick will be Belichick. I hope I'm wrong about this, but here you go:  Patriots 28, Falcons 24.

Enjoy the game. And to all the New England fans I just tweaked, ask yourself why Brady can seemingly do no wrong. Ben out!


W.B. Picklesworth said...

Patriots 42
Falcons 27

MVP - LeGarette Blount

jerrye92002 said...

Dang you guys were close! 34-28, decided in the first drive of OT.

Brad Carlson said...

Shouldn't Dynasties Not Go A Decade Between Titles?

The Patriots from 2001 thru 2016 (16 seasons):

- 15 seasons with 10 or more regular season victories.
- 14 AFC East titles
- 11 AFC Championship game appearances
- 7 Super Bowls appearances
- 5 SB victories.

That's the textbook definition of a dynasty, Skippy.

Mr. D said...

I agree Brad, although my colleague likely does not, despite your marshaling quite a lot of evidence.

I do wish the rest of the AFC East didn’t bear such a strong resemblance to the Westminster Kennel Club; it would have been interesting to see how Brady et al. would have done in the NFC East (or even the AFC North) over a comparable period.