Friday, March 31, 2017


I suspect Kim Strassel, writing for the Wall Street Journal, is correct:
Mr. Nunes earlier this week got his own source to show him a treasure trove of documents at a secure facility. Here are the relevant details:

First, there were dozens of documents with information about Trump officials. Second, the information these documents contained was not related to Russia. Third, while many reports did “mask” identities (referring, for instance, to “U.S. Person 1 or 2”) they were written in ways that made clear which Trump officials were being discussed. Fourth, in at least one instance, a Trump official other than Mr. Flynn was outright unmasked. Finally, these documents were circulated at the highest levels of government.
As to why Nunes isn't necessarily following normal protocols, Strassel has that covered, too:
Mr. Schiff’s howls about Mr. Nunes’s methods are bluster; the Republican was doing his job, and well. Mr. Nunes has spent years cultivating whistleblowers and sources as part of his oversight responsibilities, and that network scored him information that has otherwise remained hidden. It isn’t clear if the White House itself attempted to obtain these documents, but even if it did, the Senate has confirmed few Trump political appointees, which means there aren’t many loyal staffers among the Obama holdovers to attempt it. It’s also possible the Trump White House was wary of making such a demand, since it would inevitably leak. The last thing the administration wants is wild speculation that it was interfering with the FBI’s Russia probe.
Emphasis mine. Trump may or may not be competent, but we won't really know his actual acumen until he has his team in place. Now that the White House is saying they will let Schiff, and anyone else on the committee, see the documents that Nunes has seen, clowntime may be over.

As they always say, read the whole thing.


Gino said...

i dont know why the GOP cant get his nominees in place. Trump needs to summarily fire every Obama appointee that is still employed.

Bike Bubba said...

Well, he needs to make more appointees himself, too. I think the deal here is that most of the time when a businessman takes a company over, he doesn't have people who are going to be rewarded for sabotaging the new boss. However, in politics, especially on the port side, that's not true, and Trump is learning this the hard way.

Bike Bubba said...

One other thing; Schiff retreated on his claims as soon as the Rice news came out, which suggests to me he knew about it. The question in my mind is whether there's a paper trail to be followed to put him in jail.