Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You want manifestoes? Sure, we have manifestoes. First of a series

There's a scene in Bull Durham where the Kevin Costner character prattles on at great length about what he believes. Since the movie was filmed in 1987, he couldn't blog and instead had to talk to Susan Sarandon. Oddly enough, Ms. Sarandon hasn't been returning my calls, so I thought I'd share some random thoughts in my very own blog.

  1. You can be a Great American hero and still be a moron. Charles Lindbergh, meet John Murtha.
  2. Who has been more influential - John Rawls or Hugh Hefner? You could make a good case that Lou Rawls is more influential than John Rawls.
  3. I don't really want to talk to Susan Sarandon.
  4. Lee Harvey Oswald did act alone.
  5. If you haven't seen the following blog, you're missing out on some really quality blogging, darn it! http://www.umlautfree.blogspot.com/

There's more to come. Oh my yes. Much more to come.


Lee said...

I am honored to post the first comment on Mr. Dilettante: Packers Suck

Execu-bot said...

Clearly you don't read Kevin Costner's blog. (You're liekly much better off for this.)

Also: The Packers do suck.