Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Money Went Down to Georgia

Curses. . . foiled again!
For the second time in a week, Republicans dodged a potential political cataclysm.

Last Tuesday it was a special election in Kansas where the Republican candidate did just enough to win. This Tuesday it was another special election -- this one in suburban Atlanta -- where a slew of GOP candidates managed to keep Democrat Jon Ossoff just under 50%, forcing a June runoff.
Not for a lack of effort, though:
Sensing opportunity, national Democrats flooded the race with money -- Ossoff raised an eye-popping $8.3 million over the last three months, 95% of which came from out of the state of Georgia. That massive influx of cash, coupled with a lack of any other serious Democrats in the race and a disdain among many Republicans in the district for Trump's in-your-face style, made for a surprising opportunity for Democrats in the south -- a region where the party has been decimated over the last decade.
This isn't complicated, really. No matter what you think about Donald Trump, the Democrats aren't popular, either. Nothing that Trump has done, or hasn't done, has changed that calculus. You can print "potpourri" on that manure sack, but it's still going to have the same aroma. All the out-of-state money in the world isn't going to to change that.


Bike Bubba said...

I am looking forward to seeing how his poll numbers go in the Bible belt as it becomes better known that he's been living with his girlfriend for something like 12 years. The trouble with a general money push is that, as is the case here, it can be penetrated by a small, harsh reality.

Hopefully the left doesn't start taking logic classes to learn that yes, this is inevitable.

Gino said...

GA is only a cycle or two away from becoming a battleground state much in the NC is. changing demographics, very much due to immigration policies that favor 3rd worlders, is the biggest cause. Another cause is easy college, where almost all of our kids go to get taught to think a certain way.

the Dems see a real opportunity, its just not quite here yet.