Friday, July 13, 2018

The best five minutes of yesterday's Strzok hearing

Congressman John Ratcliffe gets to the heart of the matter. It's all good, but starting about at the 3 minute mark we get to an incredibly important point about our betters in Washington:

Strzok never crossed the line of letting his personal judgments interfere with his actions. Except in the 50,000 text messages he exchanged with Lisa Page. Sweet.


Petercorp said...

Almost every single one of these people are just not really any good at all. They're either corrupt, or ineffectual. But I may have been wrong. I may not agree with Trump on many things, but he's showing that things can get done. There are probably limits to what can be accomplished.

I do hold at least a little bit of concern for a few years from now. The conservatives had been unhappy for years. And even before Obama was in office. It seemed that the roar had become louder, or it was the coverage by the press that shed a bad light on it. Where's they agree with the noise now, and put a positive spin on it.

The left now knows what the right felt for several years. They'll get the wheel back one of these days. Hopefully they'll take it easy on everyone when they do. Let's hope so as they fell that the right's been abysmal winners as the left acts like sore losers

Mr. D said...

The left now knows what the right felt for several years. They'll get the wheel back one of these days. Hopefully they'll take it easy on everyone when they do.

Not a chance. These dudes want revenge. They need to be defeated repeatedly going forward. I wish it weren't so, but it's become evident the Left in this country is now malevolent.

Gino said...

The left in this country is no longer democratic... They feel no need to debate issues. The right is still living in the past, attempting a debate that no longer exists.
The only answer left us how much violence are you willing to accept before you surrender. In

Petercorp said...

One thing that would really help to bring back the debate would be a definition in the American Left. The right wing has a boundary. The right has a cutoff at racism. The left hasn't done that yet. They really need to in order to move on.

It was only the hardcore supporters of Uncle Bernie that were singled out by the left. They need to define their extreme, and to cut them off like the right did. I've heard three possible lines that could be drawn for them. I only recall one off of the top of my head, and it's an obvious one. Those that think that there can be equality of outcome. They're obvious Marxists.

There's not really a debate coming from any side anymore. I'be felt for years that we only have two parties. But it's the party of yesterday, and the party for tomorrow. We don't have one for today. It's going to be difficult for the twentieth century to try to find much middle ground with the 2050's.

As far as the violence is concerned I'm not too worried. As one of the few people in the middle of the road politically I know to be respectful with the right as they do have the majority of the brawn, and almost all of the guns and ammo. Legally for the most part as well. Instead of a gang banger here and there. Or a guy wearing pieces of his last couple Halloween costumes with the Iron Man mask on while waving a toy hammer of Thor, and trying to protect themselves by wielding a shield from Captain America. I guess that they go by AntiFa, but I thought that most of us were in that camp against facism

Gino said...

What does the left believe in? They are like the Canada of nation's... Ya know... We ain't them (in reference to the USA)... You can't be a proponent when all you do is oppose.

Petercorp said...

They seem to be under the impression that from what I can gather that life can be fair. And I think science too. But from what I do know about science I can shoot major holes through several of their beliefs including some bedrock ideas. It's just something that they follow blindly and use when they want to or feel that they need to do so. They call themselves skeptics for the most part, but don't question very much if anything at all

I question a lot. I've asked them on may occasions why they think that the Dems make the decisions to regulate what they regulate. Especially when it comes to the environment. Only the right are politicians who are selfish for some reason. I try to explain that they probably like clean air and water, but like the power and the money a lot more. I think that Bernie might be one that cares, but he's lost, and Hill and Obammer are examples of the ones that only say that they do