Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The lights are on

We're back. I got my get out of jail free card yesterday and was released from United Hospital, seven days after surgery. There are many things I'm thinking right now and, unfortunately, I'm still gathering my strength so this will be brief. But I still got my bullets:

  • First, a word about United Hospital. They really did a great job and the staff there is dedicated and wonderful. It's easy to complain about health care; the cost, the complexity, the byzantine structures, but the people who are doing the work are among the finest people I know.
  • Second, a word about nurses. As I went through my week-long adventures, I had 7-10 different nurses. Every single one of these people were wonderful, caring individuals, many with interesting life stories of their own. Besides helping me feel better, their decency and humanity were integral to my recovery. Nursing is a wonderful profession too often ignored or underplayed. The docs were great, but the nurses are the ones who get you through.
  • Finally, a word about prayers. I know that I have had the prayers of many, many people and it's important for everyone to know that your prayers made an enormous difference to me. There are times when you really begin to wonder, but I swear I could actually feel the strength of prayers carrying through this past week. God will and does provide, but it really helps when you have friends and family who've got your back.

I'll keep blogging and working the Caringbridge site, too. I have a long road ahead, but I face it with confidence.

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hammerswing75 said...

Excellent! I'm very happy to hear that it went so well and that your attitude is so positive.