Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Dwindling Interest Edition

So, lots of teams that I care about are now done with their seasons. What's a fella to do? Go ahead and keep pickin', I guess. Here you go.

Kimberly 41, Menomonie 21 - Three of my siblings are proud graduates of KHS. And they're good, too. I'm assuming there's plenty of room on the Papermaker bandwagon.

ACTUAL RESULT: KIMBERLY 35, MENOMONIE 14. The Darboy Vanguard rolls on to the championship game.

Badgers 31, Meeesheeegan 27 - No real reason for this, but why not. Personally, I think Mario Manningham would look real nice in Green and Gold next year or sometime thereafter.

ACTUAL RESULT: BUCKY 37, GO BLUE 21. If you can't beat Appalachian Freaking State, are you really going to win at Camp Randall? I mean, really. Nice win for the Badgers - next stop, the Dome and date with Punky Brewster.

Packers 31, Purple Helmeted Love Warriors 24 - the always schizophrenic Viking fandom is ON this week, thanks to the record-shattering performance of Adrian Peterson against the Bolts last week. He can't do it every week, though. He'll get some yards, but ol' number 4 will get more.

ACTUAL RESULT: GB 34, VIKINGS BUPKIS. A thoroughly enjoyable result. And you know what makes it extra special? Listening to the worthies on KFAN's "Viking Fan Line" afterwards. Okay, I know, schadenfreude isn't nice. Here's a hint, Vikings fans - getting rid of Chilly isn't the answer. Look down the hallway at Winter Park a bit, too.

Bonus high school coverage:

Eastview 31, Mounds View 27 - If it weren't for mighty Eden Prairie, you'd hear a lot more about Eastview. They are very tough and the Lake is better, top to bottom, than the Suburban East.

ACTUAL RESULT: EASTVIEW 21, MOUNDS VIEW 13. Close but the kids from Apple Valley had a little too much in the end. Another fine year for the Mustangs, though.

Washburn 31, Waconia 24 - Always, always go with Mrs. D. She's a very smart gal.

ACTUAL RESULT: WACONIA 28, WASHBURN 0. The dream is over - what can I say. Nice year for the Millers, who have a D-1 prospect coming back next year.


Anonymous said...

Go Papermakers!!!

mjh said...

This run in football that the Papermakers have made is part of a pretty amazing run overall by Kimberly athletics. It's been interesting to watch from afar (and a lot easier thanks to the Internet). In calendar year 2007, the boy's basketball team advanced to the Division 1 semifinals at state (where Milwaukee Vincent slaughtered them), won both the state baseball and softball titles, and have the individual girls cross-country champion. And then Kimberly isn't a football town, we play basketball. When I was in high school (early 90s), there were a couple of decent teams, but back then only two teams per conference made the WIAA playoffs, and Kimberly could never get over the hump that was Appleton East and Appleton West. In 1992, the Terrors beat Kimberly 77-27. Yet Kimberly finished 6-3, so it's not like they were bad. Also, West won the state football championship that year, so that could have had something to do with the lopsided score.

But anyway, it has been an amazing run by the Papermakers. I never thought I would see the day that Kimberly would be playing at Camp Randall for a football championship. Hopefully they can beat the DeForest Norskies.