Monday, January 07, 2008

And I Moved

The testimony of of my house lefty friends, juxtaposed to an old chestnut from Pete Townshend's "Empty Glass" album of 1980, coincidentally the year when arrived the Dread Pirate Reagan and their vale of tears began.

And I moved

As I saw him looking in through my window

"I often felt he might have been trying a little too hard to be careful not to take positions that were too controversial, but generally believe he is a person of remarkable intellect, decency and intention who could genuinely set a vastly different and superior tone to how this country thinks of itself and is perceived around the world. . . ." Anonymous Truck Driver

His eyes were silent lies

And I moved

And I saw him standing in the doorway

"If there is any substance in this guy to even come close to matching his pretty words he could be one of the best, most important presidents in American history." Strolling Amok

His figure merely filled the space

And I moved

But I moved toward him

"When I listen to him I feel like my primitive Democratic ancestors must have felt when they listened to Robert Kennedy or Franklin Roosevelt. I've never experienced anything like it in my life and I hope to god he's not all talk." Strolling Amok

And I moved

And his hands felt like ice exciting

As he laid me back just like an empty dress

"But Obama moves me. I find that my contempt and vitriol for the Right, and the Clintons, and the satisfaction in its venting is trumped by the value of being drawn toward the empathy and forgiveness that Obama engenders." Rich

But a minute after he was weeping

His tears his only truth

And I moved

But I moved toward him

"Obama will have mojo like we haven’t experienced in my lifetime." Rich


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am just an excitable boy, but I am reading that turn out is so high in NH today that polling stations are running out of ballots, and that election officials are predicting a 10% higher turnout than there was for the 2006 General Election in NH, which was a high turnout off year election. Something tells me that this groundswell of enthusiasm isn't for Romney, HRC, Huckabee or McCain. You may think I am jumping the gun here, but I don't, and I think that Bill Clinton was already seeing the writing on the wall this morning when he said "There's just only so much you can do against a tidal wave." I am sticking by my earlier prediction. Obama wins big today. Obama wins big in SC next week. And then on Feb 5th, Obama digs up Hillary's grave and builds a cage with her bones. And then we rids the wave. But I am just an excitable boy.

Strolling Amok said...

I was going to add my thoughts on the election here but after reading the comments of my fellow house liberals I just have nothing left to add.
Obama Good. Clinton/Bush Bad. I'll try to come up with something a little more thoughtful next time.

Anonymous said...

I certainly see your point, as it has become cliche to speak of Obama in transcendental terms. Perhaps we need to slow our roll here a little. He is, after all, just a politician. As such, the hagiography is unlikely to be fulfilled. So in an attampt to be magnanimous, I'll say this: I like Senator Obama, but his campaign is exempt from neither political nor natural law. He will eventually be pinned down on several issues, some private banalities will be discovered, and we will see him as a normal politician. But after seven years of the Decider, we've got the right to be excited.

Mark said...

Appreciate the Zevon reference, good sir! It's equally possible that HRC ran into Barack the Headless Thompson Gunner, too.

She's stranded in New Hampshire
She is desperate, man
Send Carville and Dick Morris
The shit has hit the fan

As long as we can have fun with it, right?