Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Better Team Won

Congratulations to the Giants. And thanks to my Packers for a wonderful season that was beyond any expectations I had at the beginning of the year. I strongly suspect, Favre or no Favre, that the Packers will be a contendah next year. And I'll bet Favre comes back.


Dorky Dad said...

Stupid Favre. Now nobody will beat the Patriots.

(I'm not a Packers fan, but I'm in full anti-Boston mode at the moment and felt the Packers were the only team left with a chance.)

Chuckwagon Boy said...

Dude - sorry about the loss as I was cheering for the Packers to win. I know being a MN boy I should not root for the enemy, but I was hoping it would happen. Like the previous comment, I believe the Pats will win, but I am a Pats fan and would love to see Dolphins '72 season destroyed as they were not that good of a team to begin with - plus they beat MN in the Super Bowl that year. :o)

Uncle Ben said...

Part of me hopes that he won't. I don't know if that's heresy, an emotional response to a frustrating game or just wanting to see a new era begin.

Mark said...

Sorry, DD - we did our best, but the Baaastun hegemony continues. It will change eventually.

Thanks for the kind words, chuckwagon boy; you've hit on the only reason to root for the Patriots - the '72 Dolphins have been doing the schadenfreude thing for too long and it would be good to take that away from them.

I can see your point, Ben. And no, it's hardly heresy. As much as I'd love to see ol' number 4 ride off into the sunset a winner, life rarely works that way. The question is this - is Aaron Rodgers more like Steve Young or Don Horn? There's only one way to find out....

Dan S. said...

Sorry your Pack came up short, Mr. D. I look forward to resuming the smack talk next year.

Re #4's future, here's some heresy for ya. My prediction: Favre comes back for one last year -- but with another team.

He clearly wasn't having fun in the cold yesterday (maybe thinking, "I'm too old for this sh--."), so maybe he goes to a warm-weather (or dome) team.

He could be the field general for the Falcons next year while Michael Vick serves out his jail sentence.

Strolling Amok said...

Sorry about the loss Mark. At least Favre didn't blow it with a dumb intercept... oh yeah, never mind.
But seriously - they had a great run this year, congratulations. And its always better than being a Vikings fan.

Mark said...

Thanks, Dan! And we'll have the chance to talk smack very soon - pitchers and catchers report in less than a month. And the Brewers are ready for action with their steroid-fueled bullpen of Derrick Turnbow and Eric Gagne. Feh.

I dunno, SA: my guess is that being a Vikings fan can be okay. Look at this way: at least you're not a Lions fan.

Gino said...

i'm a Bears fan, and as much fun as it was to watch the Bears seal the hometown advantage for dallas, i was rooting for them to win on the road (not necessary, after all),
and was looking forward to seeing #4 lead his crew to the super bowl.

rivalries are one thing (ok, maybe the only thing for some), but i got too many Pack fans as friends, and if i couldnt be happy(because the Bears sucked this year), at least i can see my buddies be happy.

alas, it was not to be.

prediction, totally baseless: the Bears will beat the Pack twice (again) next yr on the road to super bowl.

Mark said...

Thanks, Gino. Perhaps your Bears will be back. But you guys reaaaaallly need a quarterback. When I look at the other teams in the division, I realize how spoiled we've been in Green Bay.

A. Truck Driver said...

I was there Sunday. I haven't really been up to speaking of it. I fell into two tickets last Thursday, and my son and I drove up with some old friends from high school. We tailgated with them, but sat in a different seating area. 17 yard line in the south end zone, 22 rows up. My son and I just watched Band of Brothers over the Christmas break, and the tailgating reminded me of the Battle of the Bulge. He was placed in charge of the unsuccessful effort to thaw out the ketchup at a portable heater. We had to go back in the Atrium twice during the first half to adjust his footwarmers, and after that, and three layers on our legs and 6 layers on our upper bodies, during the second half all we had to complain about were the Packers. It was the biggest game I ever saw, and for a while there, it looked like it was going to be one of the great endings in Packer history.

It really was a matter of getting greedy. 13-3, Favre and Ryan Grant were all a lot better than we expected, and I think we have a pretty good coach, a lot of young talent and a bright future. I think Favre will come back after having so much fun this year, but can't imagine he can be as good next year as this last year, and the law of averages, I think, says he has to get hurt sometime. That's why it feels like we let an opportunity slip away. Maybe just an opportunity to be killed by the Patriots, but it would have been pretty cool to have the football world focused on Green Bay for a couple weeks. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic season, and I am really glad my son can say he was there. There weren't too many kids there. I told him that he'll live to 90, and, as if he were on the Titanic, the first line of his obituary would identify him as "the youngest survivor of the Packer/Giant NFC Championship game of 2008." When I called my Dad, who was at the Ice Bowl, to tell him I was going, he said when he went he was a stupid guy in his 20's. I wish my little freeze fest would have ended as well as his, although the Pack could have lost that one too. A Packer fan friend of me opined that he doesn't care about all the statistics, that Starr would have come through in the clutch and marched them down there. Bart certainly does have a Championship aura that Brett doesn't quite reach, but, I also tell my son that he's never going to see a better football player in a Packer uniform than Brett Favre, and I believe it.

As an adopted Cub fan, I can simply say wait till next year.

Anonymous Truck Driver