Sunday, January 13, 2008

In case you hadn't heard

Green Bay 42, Seattle 20. That is all.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the win. I'll call it the Favre effect, but I'll tell you right now that there are a bunch of Bears fans rooting for the Packers this year. It reminds me of the time the 42 year old Nolan Ryan beat the snot out of 20-something Robin Ventura...even die hard Sox fans cheered Ryan on.


Gino said...

i'll be the first to say 'Good for the Pack they werent playing the Bears'

now, i hope the old guy can take it all the way and bring home the Halas Trophy that has been misnamed.

Dan S. said...

Congrats, Mark.

Enjoy Ice Bowl II against the Giants next week.

Mark said...

Thank you all, gentlemen!

Rich, I remember that incident very well. Ventura was a fine player for the Sox but he was a little arrogant. I had a friend who had season tickets for the Sox and Jill and I were able to get his tickets a lot and we saw a lot of Ventura, since the seats were on the third base side.


One thing I know about Bears fans is this - they understand the history of the league and thus have a lot respect for Favre's role in that history. I can tell you that Packer fans felt the same way about Walter Payton, even as he was kicking our butts all those years. This year has been pretty magical and I've been thinking that the football gods want a Super Bowl between ol' number 4 and the Evil Empire. Thing is, the G-Men are pretty good and it's going to be tough.


Thank you - I know it hurts to lose. The Cowboys played hard but it looked like they were running on fumes after Owens got injured. T.O. gave it a hell of an effort and as I've said before, this Cowboys team doesn't have the arrogance of the Michael Irvin/Erik Williams-era team. And my guess is that Romo will get you guys to the promised land before too long. Just wasn't your day, but your day is coming.

Early forecast for Sunday is COLD!

Anonymous said...

Everyone had penciled in the Cowboys for the championship game. I don't know if anyone else caught it, but even the announcers for Fox told Mike McCarthy that they would see him down there next week.

I blame the Cowboys loss on arrogance, and stupidity. It all rests on the shoulders of Jerry Jones (Mr. Jones and Me...Sha la la). He wants an affable puppet for a coach, so he hires Wayde Phillips. They guy couldn't coach his way out of a Marinette Catholic Central vs Lourdes game. Top that off with hiring whatever thug (i.e Tank Johnson) or Head Case (T.O.), and you've got a recipe for disaster. I feel badly for Tony Romo. On second thought, he's got Jessica Simpsons shoulder to cry on, I'm sure he'll be ok.

I have NO sympathy for Jerry Jones or any of the smug obnoxious America's Team loving Cowboy Fans. How bout them Cowboys! Good night Texas Stadium!!!

Mark said...

Actually, anonymous, you make an interesting point about the demise of Texas Stadium. There have been a lot of new stadia being built in the NFL in recent years and it seems like teams that have had significant home field advantages in their old digs aren't quite as fearsome in their new palaces. Think about Denver, or Washington, or even Pittsburgh. You used to fear a trip to Mile High or RFK or even Three Rivers. These new places, not so much. It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys look in their new digs.