Thursday, January 31, 2008

Patriotism, not Profit

So that's what motivates John McCain. He said it himself last night at the debate. And here I was thinking what motivated him was his boundless reservoir of self-righteousness and bile in the 55-gallon drum size.

It's pretty clear that John McCain doesn't understand diddly squat about how the world works. Profit matters. Free enterprise and liberty are inseparable and always have been. I want a president who understands that. At this point, there's only one such person left who is running for president. And I'll be caucusing for him on Tuesday.


Gino said...

not for 'profit'?

am i led to believe mc cain was a volunteer who took no pay, no rightous benefit package, no societal bennies for his service?

Mark said...

Apparently so, Gino. He's a selfless, selfless man. Just ask him.

Right Hook said...

And what would fund government, or employee paychecks for that matter, if profit were eliminated from business?

McCain has shown himself to be a self-promoting panderer to whatever the mainstream media deems the latest public sentiment.

He is either completely ignorant of even fundamental economic principles or doesn't care about the good of the country as a whole as long as his power and adulation is intact.

Whatever his motivations, he is clearly the wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time.