Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tonto's Expanding Headband

Just a little housekeeping; wanted to let you know I've added several new links to my sidebar under the "Me Gusta" section. All are MOB blogs that I think are worthy of your attention, but as always I'm just enough of a contrary bastard that I won't put them up by their proper name. But that's the fun of the hunt - punch a few links and see what you find.


Gino said...

"California Bear"?
that has kind of a gay conotation here on the left coast.

Mark said...

Sorry, Gino - didn't know that. I'll change it to something else.

Mark said...

And just like that, you are the "Sid Luckman Fan Club." See how easy that was?

Gino said...

nah, i wasnt complaining. i found it funny.
i'm a Bear fan, so i'm used to the humor that goes with it.

'bear' is a thick,masculine,usually hairy-bodied type of gay man.
the opposite of a twink(boyish,sisyish looking)

and who is sid luckman?

Mark said...

Sid Luckman? Only the most successful quarterback in Bears history. He played in the 1940s. I could have picked Bobby Douglass or Erik Kramer, but I wanted someone who actually won something.

Want more on Sid? Here you go:

Gino said...


(i'm new to football fandom. just the last few yrs,really. i realized way too late how much i missed the first 40yrs.)