Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Part Nine - Gonzo!

We're back. Our last installment of this feature so captivated you that no one bothered to vote. While that may have been a hint, my suspicion was that the indifference comes from a simple realization -- no one cares about 10cc or Hot Chocolate. So now for something completely different.

I've never been much of a metal guy. For all the axemanship on display, for me a lot of metal lacks the thing that makes music worth listening to -- fun. I admire the talent of a band like Mettalica greatly, but that admiration doesn't make me want to listen to their music very much. But since guilty pleasures are about having dumb fun as much as anything, there are two acts in the genre that guarantee more dumb fun than anyone else. And here they are.

In this corner, from a 1976 appearance on Australian television, with the original lineup including howler non-pareil Bon Scott, we have:


In the other, from a 1977 concert appearance, it's the Motor City Madman:

Free For All, by Ted Nugent

It's in the air tonight. Cast your votes!


Mike said...

Oh hell yeah!! Now we're talking!! This is a close one, and we all love the Nuge, but I gotta vote for TNT. Oy! Oy! Oy!!

Gino said...

ac/dc touches on the primal urges.
uncle ted is clearly more talented.

ted is a proud american, and rabid gun owner.
ac/dc is from a land downunder. not a bad thing, and aussies are pretty conservative americanish in their 'tudes, but have strict gun control.
point: going with the homey,ted.

i've owned more ac/dc records than ted records.
point: ac/dc

ted hunts.
ac/dc rocks.

i done more drugs to ac/dc than i have to ted.
point: ac/dc

i never given a dog a bone, but have had cat scratch fever.
point: ted

but i think hells bells are calling for me.
point: ac/dc

purely guilty pleasure.
point:ac/dc (make that 3 points)

ac/dc wins.
(sorry ted)

Right Hook said...

I've got to go with Uncle Ted, a fine musician and a great American who isn't afraid to put liberals in their place.

Leo Pusateri said...

My vote goes for Ted the Sledge. The Motor City Madman kicks!

Daria said...

This one is too easy. Ted!!!!!

- D

Uncle Ben said...

Definitely AC/DC and I'm basing that just on the music, not any political considerations. Maybe it would be wrong to call them great songwriters, but they had a way of making their songs sound cool and sharp.

Maria said...

Well, what do you think I'm going to say? TNT!!!!!! And TNT, will win the vote! TNT, watch it explode!!!!

And everybody, tell the Anonymous Truck Driver -- ha, you're not anonymous, we know you who are!

Goodbye, blah blah blah.


Strolling Amok said...

One word: Nuuuuuuge!

Night Writer said...

For what it's worth, I would have cast a vote for 10cc if I had seen it in time. Their Top 40 stuff was ok, but I really liked Godley/Creme's weird later stuff like "An Englishman Visits New York," "Minnestrone," and "Cry." Plus, the videos they produced for others broke new ground.