Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bon Appetit

When you can't decide what to write about, sometimes you should just go Glenn Reynolds-style and offer a buffet.

It seems like I'm endorsing Iowahawk every other day. That's because he's prolific and great. He's just tryin' to drive you to the store, Mr. Daschle. The money store.

We have great faith in negotiation in the era of Hope and Change. So how do you negotiate with people who do this?

So if we cap executive compensation at bailed out companies at $500K, on the theory that if an enterprise or entity receives federal largesse, the feds can dictate how an enterprise uses any of its resources, can we cap other forms of compensation for people at $500K? Like book royalties?

Support for the stimulus package is now down to 37%. And a solid majority (53%) believes tax cuts will help more than additional government spending. Obama promised that up to 95% of Americans will get a tax cut. Instead he's pleading for passage of a crap sandwich that 50% of Americans think will make things worse. For a guy who was widely praised for his strategic thinking, it's amazing to see: he's only two weeks into his presidency and he's already out on a ledge.

On the other hand, it does appear that our new president is capable of learning. A trade war would be a really bad idea 'round about now.


Cousin Dan said...

I believe Obama may be malleable enough to listen to the drumbeat of disgust for the BS that fills the inside of this bill. The House likely would have lopped some of anyway; now they may have license to do more or rotate some to tax cuts. That would be grand.

Cousin Dan said...

of s/b off

Mark Heuring said...

Could be, Dan. Obama's a pretty arrogant dude, but he's not stupid. Although the limits of his intelligence are starting to become apparent.

Leo Pusateri said...

He will spend his entire amount of political capital within the first two months of taking office.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Scott Rasmussen is playing fast and loose with his polling methods. Not the first time, and probably won't be the last.


Mark Heuring said...


I read the article - I still think my main point stands. Obama is out on a ledge almost immediately on the stimulus. It appears he's going to get something passed, but it's not going to help a lot of the people who need it most. Out of work IT professionals aren't ready to join a construction road crew and a lot of the money won't even be appropriated until 2010 or later.

Anonymous said...

Would you want out of work IT professionals building the bridge that you drive over every day?

Mark Heuring said...

No, anonymous, I wouldn't. No more than I'd want ironworkers serving as network administrators.