Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's Worse Than We Thought

Scandals continue to pop up among Obama cabinet nominees. Iowahawk has the scoop:

WASHINGTON - U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu announced his resignation this morning amid new reports that Alameda County workers had unearthed more than a dozen additional dead hobo bodies at his former home in Berkeley, California. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist had been the subject of a week-long controversy after he amended his White House application form to declare "3 or 4" hobo corpses in his crawl space, but after this morning's discovery, Chu said he felt he could no longer serve as an effective spokesman for Administration energy policy.

Fortunately, there are alternatives available:

Sources inside the administration say the President is favoring University of Texas petroleum geologist / registered sex offender G. Harland Tellis as Chu's replacement. Tellis is expected to face stiff opposition from netroots blog sites like the Huffington Post, who have thrown their support behind British pop singer Gary Glitter.

Sordid, sordid stuff. Read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

That was funny. That guy's a good writer. When he writes about how the tax issues that got Tom Daschle axed are one and the same with the tax issues Sarah Palin is facing, please let me know. I'm sure that will be a hoot as well.

You do realize that the kerfuffle over Daschle not paying taxes on an extraordinary non-salary benefit (car and driver) is exactly the same tax issue on which Palin did not pay taxes (the extraordinary benefits of free travel for her children per diem payments for the use of her own house when she worked from home).
I'll also note that Palin still hasn't payed back taxes, but has had her lawyer produce a letter stating that her oversite was done in good faith because she didn't realize that taxes were owed on travel and per diems, and thus, excusable.

For the record, I don't think it was alright for either of them to duck out on paying their taxes. I hope you would agree.


Mark Heuring said...

Doubt he'll write the Palin one up, Rich. But we don't apply the Fairness Doctrine to satirists. And from what I can tell, there's no shortage of poison pens devoted to the foibles of la Palin.